It reveals new harmful effects of smoking even after quitting

It reveals new harmful effects of smoking even after quitting

the Negative effects of tobacco In the health of smokers is countless. From reducing the ability to breathe to increasing the likelihood of lung cancer, nicotine has become one of society's most daily drugs. However, very little is known about its effects on the immune system. Study published in magazine nature A recent study revealed that tobacco consumption can be harmful to the immune system even years after quitting smoking.

According to the study, smoking habit affects… Both innate and adaptive immune responsesDespite its influence on Innate responses It is lost when it is left behind. In contrast, changes in adaptive responses persist even years after smoking cessation. In this study, current smokers showed an increased inflammatory response after exposure to certain bacteria, which is quickly lost when they stop smoking. Conversely, the effects of tobacco on… T cell responses It persists for years after quitting smoking. In this sense, though Weak smoker When you stop smoking, there are some consequences that stay in the body longer.

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The factor that most influences immune responses

Researchers have found that smoking is one of the external factors that significantly influence innate and adaptive immune responses. In particular, its effect on innate responses disappears quickly after smoking cessation, while its effect on adaptive responses persists long after smoking cessation. Individuals quit smoking. To reach this conclusion, experts collected 1,000 human samples. Donors who offered themselves to do the study They didn't have to have a background There is no evidence of serious, chronic, or recurrent medical conditions, neurological or psychiatric disorders, recent alcohol use, drug use, recent vaccination administration, or recent use of immunomodulatory agents.

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