IB3 News | IB3 provides assistance to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of the Balearic Islands

IB3 News |  IB3 provides assistance to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of the Balearic Islands

During the month of May, IB3 will give visibility to the entity in different channels and spaces

“Tots donam una mà”, the CSR program of the public broadcaster of the Balearic Islands, will give a voice in May to the Balearic Association for Multiple Sclerosis (ABDEM), which works on behalf of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and other similar neurological diseases.

IB3 Director General, Albert Salas and ABDEM President, Isabel Gaia, signed a cooperation agreement in the meeting room of the Central Services Building in Calvia.

“Corporate social responsibility is a priority for the new management team, which is why new measures are planned for 2024,” the General Manager explained during the event. “As a public body, IB3 has a dual responsibility: to contribute to the creation of a better and more sustainable society; and, on the other hand, a public responsibility to set an example and to train and inform citizens,” added Albert Salas.

In this sense, during this financial year it is planned to develop a CSR plan in which ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria will be defined with the aim of strengthening the commitment to sustainability and responsibility towards society, as highlighted by General Director Albert Salas.

World Multiple Sclerosis Day is celebrated on May 30, and is a key day for ABDEM as “we want to highlight the importance of early diagnosis and treatment with the slogan ‘From the first symptoms, time is money’,” emphasized the association’s president, Isabel Gaya. “We propose a comprehensive approach that includes increasing public knowledge about MS and training health professionals, along with equity in health care, reducing waiting times and the need for personal attention,” says Jaya, who concludes that “for all this, From ABDEM we thank IB3 for giving us the opportunity to highlight the needs of patients with multiple sclerosis.”

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Through this just signed agreement, it has been agreed to disseminate the activities and philosophy of ABDEM through various public radio and television spaces as well as to promote them through the Internet and our social networks.


The Balearic Association for Multiple Sclerosis (ABDEM) develops and provides up-to-date, reliable and easily accessible information resources on topics related to MS, designed to meet people's needs and allow them to make the right decisions to manage their disease. It also works for the benefit of people diagnosed with MS and other diseases. Other similar neurological, with the aim of improving the quality of their lives and the lives of their families.

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