Sony wants Bungie employees to stay and is ready to pay $1.2 billion –

Sony PlayStation ready for Spending 1.2 billion dollars (out of a total of 3.6 he will spend) in the form of bonuses and incentives for Bungie employees. This is what came in the last financial meeting.

the Stimulate? Simple, Sony buys Bungie, but they want to make sure that at the end of the process, Bungie itself will be in their hands today. The Japanese company wants to ensure it reaches out to the people who really made the company great and who have years and years of experience on their back.

Destiny 2: Queen of Whispers

Bungie is very knowledgeable in this field live service (Sony is aiming more and more in this direction), plus its employees have made hit games like Halo and Destiny over the years. Thus, Bungie will be able to count on economic rewards, creative freedom, and administrative independence, and will be able to continue self-publishing its titles, while also maintaining them on multiple platforms.

Sony should certainly hope that Bungie employees don’t decide to look for other avenues. The deal could prove highly lucrative for both, for the analyst, who makes clear that Sony’s destiny is to move into multimedia, an area where Bungie is also expanding. For now, the company should hire employees, not lose employees – Sony’s strategy makes perfect sense.

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