Alfa Romeo Giulia: “One of the worst cars sold in the new millennium”

Alfa Romeo Giulia: “One of the worst cars sold in the new millennium”

The arrival of the Fiat Group to the US market after the trade agreements with Chrysler led to its entry into the US market Many models are appreciated by stars and stripes. They are black sheep instead.

Not all cakes with a hole succeed and nothing strange yet, every brand has models More or less unforgettable which were sometime published in the market with mixed results. Sometimes the car sucks in all respects and not much can be said. However, other times, a good car with more than interesting features only fails in some markets that don’t appreciate it.

Alfa Romeo Giulia, not welcome in the US (access wallpaper)

North American market Notorious for being toughThe European cars that delighted everyone on the old continent, such as the Smart Fortwo and Renault 5, were literally crucified by the specialized American press when they hit the mass market in the world’s largest country. Each case is different, of course, but today’s case leaves us in awe as the respective brands have an excellent reputation.

Alfa Romeo and deaths appeared On the list of the worst cars Manufactured or imported in the USA from 2000 onwards. The Maxi Plank of 50+ cars has real bugs and some of the vehicles are so bad that they are hard to remember even at home. In short, we were surprised to find these cars in the first two places because they were so popular in Italy.


A list of the 50 worst cars of the new millennium has been compiled by the specialized site Engine Genki Who got on the podium? Fiat 500 liters and Alfa Romeo Giulia! But why on earth? According to the editorial team of the online newspaper, 500L “It has questionable reliability and poor build quality which makes it a poor choice for potential buyers.”

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Cinqueceto l Fiat.  it 04_06_2022 Quattromania
Fiat 500L, is it really that bad? (Fiat)

The house is not spared even the Fiat 500X, fourth on the list and overshadowed “A real nail in the model’s coffin.” But the car most under attack is the Giulia, who was judged to be “Anything not impressive” And the One of the worst cars sold out in the new millennium”. Exaggerated accusations are not reflected in the European reviews of the model. but also car and driver They said something like this…

According to the site, the Giulia is a fun car to drive but it turns out “Anything but perfect.” The online magazine criticizes the habitability and considers the car a second choice compared to the competition made up of BMW, Audi, Genesis and Mercedes-Benz while recognizing its advantages. Do we really need to give weight to these reviews? Frankly, the arguments against Julia They didn’t convince us That much. Everyone has their own thoughts and ours is that there are dozens of cars that deserve to be on this shuffle list instead of the Giulia or the 500L!

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