Prodi: “Peace is difficult until negotiating with the United States and China”

Prodi: “Peace is difficult until negotiating with the United States and China”

He sees no “concrete” ray of peace. It is difficult for them to open up until “the United States and China” decide directly the role of negotiators. They are the ones who have to move. Romano Prodi intervenes at the Trento Festival of the Economy with a record attendance of the audience. As for Europe, if it really wants to play a role it has to move quickly towards what the former prime minister and former president of the European Commission calls “enhanced cooperation” led by France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Moreover, even accession to the euro includes only “19 countries (since January 20) out of 27 in the European Union”. Getting involved in the discussion of overcoming consensus will do nothing. Prodi uses very harsh words: “I am worried he will be pushed back into the mud,” says the professor, referring to the state of consensus of options that now matters to Brussels. The clear divisions over sanctions confirm this. We need to move “quickly” and Emmanuel Macron’s role is crucial – says Prodi in an interview with Lucia Annunziata and ISPI’s Executive Vice President, Paolo Magri – because France has a veto in the UN and nuclear weapons and must therefore “to take the lead in European foreign policy”.

“I don’t think the weight of Germany’s decision to rearm is well understood,” warns Prodi. According to the former prime minister, rearmament should not become excessively “nationalised”, in the sense that it should be an aid to the whole union. But there is not much time. “There is talk of a food tragedy, but so far there are still stocks. In a few months they will be finished and the consequences will be dire.”

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War creates a new balance of power. still dominated by the United States and China. The Chinese are building unimaginable alliances like those with India. “What do we do?” , Is the professor’s question who highlights how the Chinese fight the war while standing? And, despite statements of support for Vladimir Putin, “not a single cartridge” was sent to Moscow, and they also said that “no borders should be changed.” There are objective reasons, trade has a ratio of 1 to 10: China cannot give up Europe and the United States.

Urged on the sidelines of the session to talk about divisions within the majority due to confusion between Lega and M5s over the government’s position in support of Ukraine, Prodi’s response was sharp: When there is no alternative, the confusion is set aside. Since no one wants early elections, they will be at a loss, but then they will find refuge.” But this tremor is not without its effects: “Just look at the direction of spread.” The audience applauded accompanied by the end of the intervention. Not long ago, Lucia Annunziata made no secret of her doubts about future American support. Brody prefers to respond with a joke: “The Americans let us swim but they don’t mind if we drink from time to time.” Everything is still shrouded in uncertainty these days. Looming on the horizon is the fear of a protracted war. And Prodi does not deny that this may be the future ahead if we do not also intervene in the search for new interlocutors.

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