Try to hold the circle at the bottom of the phone, it reveals a secret function

Try to hold the circle at the bottom of the phone, it reveals a secret function

What happens if you press and hold the circle at the bottom of the phone for three seconds? Secret function has been activated. Let’s see which one.

One might think that The world of smart phones Already familiar to everyone, but there are a few secrets that many people still do not know about, and which hold some very pleasant surprises. Let’s take a closer look at what it consists of This secret.

The characteristics of the smartphone and its thousands of uses

The smartphone is undoubtedly one of the accessories we love the most, as it accompanies us everywhere and in all circumstances. Ingenuity allows Countless uses In different places and for different purposes.

For many reasons, having something with us is undeniably beneficial, which is why we often feel a sense of disorientation or nostalgia when we don’t have it.

In short, there seems to be a deep understanding of the device, but there are aspects that often go unnoticed that have the power to amaze us if we are only aware of them.

Although our smartphone is always at hand, it is surprising to realize that we still have to grasp the full range of its capabilities.

There are a number of hidden or less known features on Android smartphones, one of which involves holding down the circle on it at the bottom of the phone for three seconds.

Indeed, the smartphone simplifies our lives and, above all, helps us carry out many functions that prove useful in our daily activities.

With this device, we can communicate with others, make reservations in restaurants, plan trips and even Set dates With healthcare professionals.

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Basically, a smartphone allows us to perform many tasks. However, despite its frequent use, there are still aspects of this tool that are still unknown to many people.

This is mainly due to the fact that many features are constantly being added over time Regular updates.

The circle at the bottom of the screen, which often serves as a way to navigate to the main menu screen, actually has an additional, relatively unknown ability. Its main purpose Not only that for this job.

Press and hold the circle at the bottom of the phone for three seconds: What happens?

Having a menu at the bottom of your smartphone screen might be something you might have noticed.

This list is made up with three symbols, each of which represents a “button”. These symbols are triangle, circle and square.

The buttons on your smartphone have specific purposes and greatly enhance the user experience. Not only do they contribute to the smooth functioning of the device, but they also provide greater convenience.

Circle at the bottom of

For example, the box button allows users to log in and Easily manage applications currently open on the screen.

This allows you to quickly close or rejoin unnecessary apps just by clicking on them.

Conversely, the triangle symbolizes the ability to reverse or undo previous actions. By pressing this button, you can Easily return to the home screen With a simple touch on the screen.

Even the circular button has its own unique purpose. The most common use is to go back to the main menu, and eventually bring users back to their smartphone’s home screen.

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The list of three icons that we talked about earlier is a common feature found in almost all of them Android smartphones.

This particular feature, which is highly appreciated by many Android smartphone users, has undergone changes in recent times.

In particular, some new smartphone models no longer include this list, as some manufacturers have decided to deliberately remove it.

The reason certainly lies in the field of aesthetics or perhaps in our desire to start a real paradigm shift, a change in functionality previous iterations Android models.

However, it must be recognized that these buttons contribute to providing a smoother and more user-friendly smartphone experience, bridging the gap between the device and its daily users.

If you are still using a smartphone with an extension List of three traditional iconsThere is a whole new world of possibilities waiting to be explored.

In this area, you will find a number of additional features that you may not be aware of.

One of these functions is related to the circuit It offers a bunch of little known but interesting features.

I mean, what will happen in the end?

In short, our smartphones have the potential to pack some unexpected features.

As said earlier, Press the circular button You will return to the home screen. However, this button provides more than just functionality.

Did you know that by pressing the round button for three seconds, you can activate the function google assistant?

The software company Google has developed a highly functional “assistant” that is very similar to the recognized and used voice assistants, such as Alexa or Sirion Apple devices.

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By simply using voice commands, you can now access the full functionality of the Google Assistant.

This means that activities such as running a file google searchwhich would normally require manual entry, can now be accomplished quickly and easily.

google assistant


Moreover, you can also use voice commands to open different applications including but not limited to Facebook and Instagramwhich further simplifies the user experience.

Additionally, there is also an option to initiate a phone call via Google Assistant, which will automatically search for the contact in your address book.

Another noteworthy feature of this voice assistant is the ability to search nearby areas and attractions.

For example, if you are on vacation and want to explore local attractions, just ask Google Assistant and it will do a search for you. Moreover, it can also provide directions to your desired destination using google maps.

In short, Google Assistant serves as a useful tool for performing daily tasks, allowing users to save time and simplify their efforts by simply providing voice commands.

This effective feature allows people Optimize your resources and energy.

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