Game Boy Video Call: The Shocking Hoax That Is Raving the Web | It becomes a smartphone

Game Boy Video Call: The Shocking Hoax That Is Raving the Web |  It becomes a smartphone
Game Boy, the console that made history. (Deposit photos) –

The Game Boy made history not only for its gaming innovation, but also for its ability to transform into a smartphone.

The Game Boy, with its small, compact, portable design, was the best The dream of millions of children Who lived through the golden years of video games.

Created by Gunpei Yokoi for NintendoThe Game Boy debuted in the United States in 1991, bringing with it one of the most iconic games of all time: Tetris.

This pocket console was an extraordinary success, becoming a bestseller A revolution in the world of video games.

But few know the features of Game Boy It was not limited to those provided by the console: Innovation has also made it a device for making video calls Before the letter.

The Game Boy revolution, the portable console

The main feature of the Game Boy was Use game cards, allowing users to take a wide range of games with them wherever they go. But what really made the Game Boy special was… A well-kept secret Which few knew at the time and which today seems unbelievable. The Game Boy wasn't just a portable gaming console; It was real Revolutionary invention Which would have a lasting impact until 2008, when its production ceased. The game's cards have seen significant developments, with a twist Increasingly complex and advanced gamesAnd adapting to the technologies available in those years.

Despite its success, Game Boy She was not immune to criticismespecially for the lack of backlighting and other details that, however, were It has been addressed and improved in its later releases. Moreover, it was created Innovative accessories Which left a mark in the history of toys and which still attracts the attention of collectors. Among the most extraordinary accessories stand out Cam fu (Phone Camera), which is a video camera applied to the bottom of the console. Or the room, which was a game card placed on top of the Game Boy. Surprisingly, these innovations are not limited to the world of gaming only They turned the Game Boy into something more advanced: a smartphone.

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Nintendo logo "Mother" Game Boy and much more.
Nintendo logo, the “parent” company of the Game Boy and much more. (Deposit photos) –

How Cam Pho Worked: Video Calls in the 90s

To make a video call, that was enough Connect your Game Boy to the Internet Via direct connection cable to be applied to Cam fu. An on-screen keyboard has appeared, allowing you to dial phone numbers and even Store contacts in address book. The lucky ones who had the opportunity to try this feature first had an exciting experience, a A taste of the future In a world that is still far from current technologies.

Today, despite the continuous development of technology, ie University And fans continue to appreciate the old Game Boy. His ability to Turn into a smartphone Video calls are a great example of how innovation works Overcoming the limits of the era. The Game Boy remains a timeless icon, a nostalgia trip It contains a hint of a future that remains compelling For video game fans of all ages.

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