Ferrari 296 GTB with V6 Hybrid Engine Opens a New Era – Tests & News

Ferrari 296 GTB with V6 Hybrid Engine Opens a New Era – Tests & News

The Ferrari 296 GTB writes, it reads the emotion. The emotion of a never-ending shriek, that of the new V6 engine. Unprecedented engine starts silently thanks to the hybrid car and then turns into frenzy, and in the first car. The name already has it all: displacement, 2992 cc, and the number of cylinders, six.

Ansa Motors tested the Ferrari 296 GTB for a long time on the road between Seville and Huelva, and in the Ascito Fiorano at Monteblanco in the heart of Andalusia.
The promises of the new berlinetta pony don’t betray expectations: the new plug-in hybrid, for the first time for a V6 on a Ferrari road, feels like we couldn’t have imagined it. The new 663 hp internal combustion engine is surrounded by a 167 hp electric unit backed by a 7.45 kWh battery, bringing the total power to 830 hp.
Technical innovations surrounded by style. The design group led by Flavio Manzoni developed a small, agile car, with nods to the great GT cars of the past – the mudflaps, for example, are a tribute to the historic 250 Le Mans – and truly innovative solutions, like the front grille handles, hidden in the lower portion of the headlights. front end, and an active wing that literally disappears when not needed. The forehead is compact and tapered in size. The visual kits are inspired by the distinctive teardrop shape of the headlights of the past, which are completed here with the brake air intakes. The single-mouth appearance in the foreground is explained by decomposition, with a swinging shape corresponding to the radiators. In the central part, a suspension fin inspired by Formula 1 has been obtained, and the rear is dominated by a single central exhaust, which complements the base profile of the central structure of the bumper that expands upwards until it reaches the visual groups. The active spoiler finds shelter in the taillights delivery bay: a trick to combine aerodynamic performance without compromising shapes.
The look and the emotion: two factors typical of Ferrari, which with its 296 GTB reaches unexplored heights. The interiors, according to tradition, are devoted to “formal cleanliness”.
The cockpit is developed around the full digital interface offered on the SF90 Stradale, but with a more refined look. The convenient interface is completely digital. The steering wheel combines basic commands, allowing you to keep your hands steady at every moment of driving.

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We hit the start button – and unexpectedly, on a Ferrari – we are silenced. However, the engine is running. Yes, because the electric motor escorts us from the parking lot to the road in a swish that makes a real impression when the shield carrying Cavallino is on the sides.
Once on the asphalt belt, a slight depressurization of the throttle is enough for the V6 to present itself with a whole new, unyielding roar. There has been great anticipation for this new engine, which was finally revealed. And at Ferrari, they are understandably proud of the result. Smaller than its predecessors, with the cylinders set at 120 degrees to make room for the turbo, it’s center-set and lowered. The result is that in a car this size – 4565 mm long x 1958 mm wide x 1187 mm high – the center of gravity drops dramatically, making it more agile.
On mixed Andalusian terrain, the 296 GTB is quite easy and – thanks to the different throttle settings – able to accompany and correct any bumps while driving.

From eDrive, which allows purely electric driving up to 25 km/h and a top speed of 135 km/h, to Hybrid – where system efficiency is improved and the control logic decides whether to turn the heat engine on or off – up to performance – with the internal combustion engine always running , ensuring full power availability and maximum qualification, which supports maximum performance while preserving battery charge. Despite the almost inexhaustible strength, it is easy to gain confidence, and always dare a little more, kilometer after kilometer. Those who worked on the car’s development have told us about the double spirit of this Ferrari: while it’s always still fun, it’s easy to drive in everyday life, but ready to give a feel for those looking for maximum performance. And it’s really, really, like this: the “fun to drive” philosophy typical of Maranello remains a point of reference.

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On the track, we tested the 296 GTB in the more performing Assetto Fiorano: lightened by about 30kg, with more extreme aerodynamic solutions – like the front wing, wider use of carbon, and ultra-light alloy springs – it’s completely exposed on the circuit, with its leather unchanged. . The Monteblanco, with its straight, long double and some quick corners, allows us to push the berlinetta to the limit, even without reaching for it. With the throttle wide open, the V6 unleashes a screaming operatic lead up to 8,500 rpm. But upon cornering, the technicians warned us, the full figure of the 296 GTB was revealed. Thanks to the new ABS system, which improves braking distribution, it is possible to pull the braking further, almost to the rope point, gain counters and exit the curve with greater speed and composure, with the V6 immediately ready to resume the cadence. The low center of gravity, compact dimensions and extreme aerodynamics, albeit concealed by the completely innovative lines developed by the group led by Flavio Manzoni, allow for unsurpassed trajectories and a feeling of complete control of the car.
The list price remains like a dream: it starts from 269 thousand euros, 302 thousand for Ascito Fiorano. But emotions are priceless.

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