After the Series

If the string New device themedThis time it is for the less powerful console.

As reported Windows Centralit's actually already available for sale from this moment on Official Xbox Series S toasterwhich in every way reminds us of the console's aesthetics of real gamers' breakfasts.

Unlike the real Xbox Series S (you can find it On Amazon) actually has a great entry, but not for your physical video games: by entering your bread, The delicious Xbox logo will also be toasted in the middle.

The project had already surfaced last year via a French leak, but it seemed like an elaborate joke, considering that nothing else was heard about it: Xbox and Walmart Instead they confirmed its existence, and released it immediately Available for sale.

It's a cool idea that will undoubtedly please fans of Microsoft's consoles, as long as they're alive in the United States of America: At the time of writing this article In fact it is not possible to buy it in ItalyThere do not appear to be any plans to import it to the rest of the world.

The new Xbox Series S toaster is offered at a price $39.99: It is definitely accessible, which is another reason to hope that the Italians will also be able to get it soon “Breakfast of Champions.”

However, it seems clear that Microsoft still doesn't take itself too seriously, and has by all means taken the memes that have been circulating about the aesthetics of its consoles, and turned them into reality. If you want to know more, we leave you to the official Walmart page To the next address.

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This is not the first time that Xbox and the famous American chain have organized this type of collaboration: last year, a fun refrigerator in the shape of a creeper was also spotted Maine Craft.

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