Al-Mashoor Island which will be released on June 13, 2022? 4 VIP nominees for this week

Al-Mashoor Island which will be released on June 13, 2022?  4 VIP nominees for this week

Who will get out of the famous island? next one June 13, 2022? So far and until the next episode Monday night they are 4 VIPs in the nomination To challenge the TV broadcast From .this week. To challenge each other, when there are a few episodes to go to the final on June 27, she Estefania BernalAnd the Gennaro OlitoAnd the Marialaura de Vitesse And the Nick LucianiFrom country cousins.

Who will leave the famous island of 2022?

Designation stefania It’s Luca Davry again The leader of the famous island 2022. names Gennaro and Maria Laura Instead, they come out from the last rescue chains By the “Untouchables” in the cast. Finally: during Last night’s episode June 6And the nick Show more eye From the group of competitors in Honduras.

4 VIP nominees for this week

In the episode, Estefania is also the winner of the one-on-one showdown with Laurie Del Santo. During last night’s live broadcast ofFamous 2022 Island, Laurie takes out the loser of the challenge with the Brazilian model. percentage of 63% The latter rewards and sends the former face of Drive In from “Palapa”. The showgirl ends up in “Playa Sgamadissima”, but loses in Flash TV With Pamela Petrulo with A Vote percentage 24% comes permanently eliminate from the game.

The remaining contestants for the cast of Celebrity Island

Three weeks after Famous Island Finalewhich will air Monday, June 27, 2022 in prime time on Canale 5, i The competitors so far have remained in the cast And there are still ten in the game:

  • Carmen de Petro. During last night’s episode, another Avanti poet was stunned to see photos of her son Alessandro while he was spending the evening with Gwendalina Tavasi.
  • Marco Kokolo.
  • Eduardo Tavasi.
  • Estefania Bernal. Even after winning on TV against Lori del Santo, Estefania is a perfect candidate for a spot among the finalists.
  • Gennaro Olito.
  • Luca Davry.
  • Marialaura de Vitesse.
  • Mercedes Hinger.
  • Nick Luciani.
  • Nicholas Vaporidis.
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