Where to put your savings without risk and avoid that all invested money can turn into smoke

Where to put your savings without risk and avoid that all invested money can turn into smoke

From the bank to the post office, passing through the financial markets, is there really a 100% safe investment? The answer is no. As investing always involves risks that can be very low to very high. Suffice it to say that putting money under the mattress or under the tile also carries risks, from the deterioration of banknotes to the risk of theft in the house.

Hence, savings are always subject to risk. Even when the funds are completely deposited in the current account, because the bank, according to the unfortunate hypothesis, can go bankrupt. However, when this does not happen, interest-free deposits on checking accounts are always attacked by inflation. As money, if it doesn’t pay off, it tends relentlessly to decline over time.

Devaluation of money is, among other things, the burning issue of the hour, given that inflation is currently at 6.9% in Italy. Having said that, let’s see what financial products and instruments generally do not allow, in adverse situations, to accumulate all the invested money.

Where to put your savings without risk and avoid that all invested money can turn into smoke

In detail, the standard formula for investing savings with a good level of protection is always the same. That is, to be satisfied with a low return, and low risk is to risk the capital that has been invested.

Therefore, wherever savings is put without risk, the answer can be represented by paid deposit accounts. Postal savings bonds, short-term government bonds, and postal savings books are also excellent solutions. Just as cash mutual funds and short-term bond investments can work well.

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Where not to invest if you are looking for protection from your invested capital

For those looking for protection from their invested capital, they definitely can’t Investing in the stock market And in other high-risk and high-risk assets, for example Cryptocurrency. As a reminder, among other things, cryptocurrencies are unregulated digital assets.

Likewise, in this case, it is not an investment with capital protection, or in any case with low risk, which would involve buying shares in equity mutual funds. Likewise, balanced mutual funds are not low risk, but medium risk. In addition to the bond component, in fact, there is also the equity component.

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