Newton. ice boiling | Sciences

Newton.  ice boiling |  Sciences
Newton Is the scientific information and study program conducted by David Cuero Borga Which helps us better understand what we know and leads us to discover news from the world of research.

In this episode we are talking about iceFrom the health status of Alpine glaciers and the advanced technologies that allow us to monitor them precisely, to scientific research dedicated to ice in the rest of the world. They tell us about their experience and news from the glaciology sector Michelle Fribazglaciologist and pediatrician at the University of Turin, passionate about alpine soils H Luigi Perotti, geologist and secretary of the Italian Glacier Committee, expert in monitoring glaciers in the Alps. To guide us on the journey to discover the goals and challenges of scientific research on the “core samples” of the future, a glaciologist at Roma Tre University is instead working, Massimo Frisottiwith associated experts and researchers from abroad: from the Concordia base in Antarctica, Massimiliano Cattricalla – Station Leader and Electronic Sciences (Institute of Crystallography CNR) H Angelo Galeandro, Environmental Engineer (CNR Polar Sciences Institute); And from the United States, Paolo Gabrielli Glacial chemist at The Ohio State University’s Byrd Center for Climate and Polar Research. with Marta Montreingrandson of mountain scientist Umberto Montaigne, Essam Elisa in dressa climatologist at the University of Turin, let’s go instead to Val d’Aosta, Forte de Bard, but also to the summit, to the Angelo Musso Institute, to learn about the tools that the great mountaineer in the past used to study the ice.

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aired on June 14, 2022 in 21.00 on me Al Rai School (Channel 57)

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