The Promise Previews Episode 7 November 2023: Will Romulo leave?

The Promise Previews Episode 7 November 2023: Will Romulo leave?

Previews for the episode of La Promessa aired on November 7, 2023 on Canale 5 reveal that Romulo learns something that will make the certainty he had crumble…

In the’episode D The Promise to Tuesday, November 7, 2023At the end of the evening, Romulus Goes from Gregory He told him that he had no intention of leaving La Promesa, as all the employees trusted him. The new butler, at this point, pulls the ace out of his sleeve and reveals a dirty secret. After this conversation with Gregory, Romulus He’ll start to think that maybe the people closest to him aren’t actually on his side… but let’s find out together what the details reveal in detail Previews from episode Which will be broadcast tomorrow in 4.40 pm on Channel 5.

Gregorio vs. Romulo in previews for the November 7 episode

The conflict between Gregorio and Romulo still rages on. The former, ever since he set foot on La Promesa, had always shown that he could not bear the presence of man; So, the moment they noticed this, Bea started investigating, hoping to get to the bottom of the matter, but she didn’t succeed. Then Romulo confronted him and asked him the reason for this disdain. At that point, Gregorio shocked him with the revelation: He hates it because At last the boy made Matteo work until exhaustion; It was the last the brotherAnd He died because of it.

Promise Preview: Gregorio and Romulo are close at hand!

The marriage between Manuel and Jimena increased the hostility between the new butler and Romulo. The old butler, tired of the contempt Gregorio holds for him, hears his voice, and in response Gregorio flies into a rage. The two were about to hit it offBut fortunately Pia and Mauro immediately intervened to divide them. However, Romulo and Gregorio continued to confront each other a Anger Not unheard of, even risking upsetting the already precarious balance of promise…

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Romulo is skeptical in previews for the November 7 episode

The two servants of La Promessa are still at loggerheads. Gregorio knows Romulus He will not hand him over until he leaves forever, while the latter responds with this In vain does the world leave the slave-members aloneConsidering that everyone respects him and needs his presence. The new has arrivedSo, He pulls the ace out of his sleeve: He reveals his dirty secret This specifically concerns one of the people closest to him. RomulusConfounded, He begins to see all his certainties crumbling

The Promisethe Spanish series, broadcasts from Monday to Friday at 4.40 pm on Channel 5.

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