Aitana's (and Netflix's) romantic comedy is as effective as it is predictable

Aitana's (and Netflix's) romantic comedy is as effective as it is predictable
  • Direction: Patricia Font. Screenplay: Marta Sanchez.
  • 98 minutes
  • Spain (2024)
  • With Aitana, Fernando Guallar, Paco Tos, Natalia Rodriguez and Miguel Angel Muñoz

After release the last On Disney+, Aitana continues to build her career as a platform star with Wall to wall, remake From the French romantic comedy behind the wall. Wall to wall It is, first and foremost, an excellent vehicle for the singer, and as such functions like a Swiss watch: infallibly and predictably. As has happened for many other musical artists who have transitioned to the screen – from Barbra Streisand to Lady Gaga – the characters with which Aitana begins her acting career are mirrors in which her public image as a singer is reflected. Thus, in this film it was officially directed by Patricia Font (The master who promised the sea(Etana is Valentina, an aspiring pianist who, of course, hides a musical talent within her.

The premise is original – Valentina and her neighbor share a thin wall through which everything is overheard, and little by little, they begin a relationship without knowing each other physically – and the secondary characters are funny – Miguel Ángel Muñoz is unlikely to be an arrogant bandleader, but he defends it with conviction – The art, photography and fashion teams have wrapped it all in a flawless package. This does not prevent the end result from being colder than a bank transaction – or an algorithmic calculation -, or the feeling that the main star would have given a better performance, in his faltering expository beginnings, a character that you did not spend half the film talking to. wall.

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Trailer for the movie “The Wall with the Wall”

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