June 7, 2023

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Hearts What will happen in the last episode of the TV series? progress

The penultimate episode of the hit series has just ended heartsProduced by Ray and performed by caliber actors Danielle Beachy and Pilar Fogliatti.

Many wonder how the catchy movie will end and how the story will develop between Delia and Andrei. Let’s find out together.

The TV series Hearts tells a historical episode that actually took place in Italy, specifically in Turin, in the 1960s.

The undisputed hero of the story is Dr. Cesar Corvara, Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery at Le Molinette Hospital, inspired by the person of Dr. Dogliotti.

The surgeon, along with a highly successful team of doctors, performed the first heart transplant.

Benefit from expert collaborators including his right arm, Alberto Ferraris. In addition to his wife Delia Brunello, an expert cardiologist in diagnosis, and Dr. Mosca, the chief surgeon in his department.

Inside the film, not only the historical episode was told, but the feelings of the heroes of the film were also told.

Especially the love triangle between Delia, Alberto and Cesare. Brunello arrived in Turin with her husband Cesar, except for the hypothesis that she could meet her ex-boyfriend Alberto in the city again.

However, fate sometimes plays tricks and Ferrari, in addition to working in the same hospital where Delia and her husband work, is also the man’s right hand.

A situation that often stresses Delia’s feelings for her husband, until she falls into Alberto’s arms.

How will the hit TV series Hearts end?

There is currently no exact news on how the final episode of Hearts will end, one thing is for sure, love and heartfelt feelings will win it all; Don’t miss the last episode of Hearts on Sunday 28th November.

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