The Escola de l'Espectador is now taking place in Vilafranca del Penedes

The Escola de l'Espectador is now taking place in Vilafranca del Penedes

Culture and Education Advisors of the Villafranca City Council, Angels Dalmau I Gemma RomeoToday we introduced a new project implemented this academic year called “Scenery School”.

Angels Dalmau He explained that the Culture Service takes measures to learn more about the internal elements of the performances, such as after-functions, inviting the public to attend rehearsals, organizing specific training workshops, giving lectures, round tables, etc. “These actions, which help increase familiarity with and greater enjoyment of the show, are based on the premise that the arts are an experiential means of promoting the rich experiences, learning, engagement and personal growth that are essential to the person and to society.” population in general”Comment.

From here was born the goal of continuing to stimulate and provide the necessary tools for personal and cultural development to the public. That is why this cycle has taken a step forward by launching the so-called“Scenery School”which aims “Bringing the Cal Bolet Theater and the M. Rosa Juncosa Auditorium closer to the maximum population of Villafranca, encouraging new audiences, especially young people, so that they become new spectators enriched by the performing arts and helping them to develop.”“, said the councilwoman. Other objectives are to activate the audience to increase their loyalty to cultural facilities and become “better spectators” and at the same time provide training and dissemination about the world of show business, so that the audience can see and experience first-hand, everything that happens before, during and after the performances. “It is a way for young people to learn about other job opportunities related to the world of entertainment.”“The councilwoman said.

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3 workshops

The project “Scenery School” It is raised in different stages. An initial aim is to give continuity to what has been achieved so far, for example, with procedures to learn more, orchestra mornings, open rehearsals, talks according to the theme of the scheduled performances, theatrical reading club, round tables and artistic workshops etc.

Escola de l'Espectador is funded by a grant from the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia, to carry out municipal and performing arts activities in the field of organized education. That's why these three workshops start during school hours only. In this way you become one Experimental testingThis is to evaluate its results and consider the next stages of the project.

education consultant, Gemma RomeoHe emphasized the intersectionality of the project that responds to the needs of different groups and noted that the year 2024 had begun with Three workshops focused on the youth group and during school hours “To promote training, awareness, employment, learning and social integration, and to respond to requests and needs from the city's secondary schools and some cultural groups”.

Romeo The training undertaken with young people in Training and Integration (PFI) programs has also been highlighted “Very useful for the emotional support, personal growth, self-knowledge and discovery of strengths and special interests tasks undertaken with these young people.”.

Theater artistic workshops

It will show the artistic side of theater. Planning and executing a show is very extensive and often times we are not aware of all the work that goes on behind the scenes. These workshops on scenography, lighting, sound, costumes, set, aesthetics and stage direction, among others, can help young people learn about and get excited about the world of performing arts.

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Preferably what is intended IES Milà students who are in their first year of high school in the performing and musical arts.

Ages: 16 and 17 years. Total: 22 students.
Class hours: Tuesdays from 12 to 1.30 pm. Location: slaughterhouse/theater.
Total workshops: 12 workshops
Study by the resident company Flyhard.

Public speaking workshops

To learn to speak in front of an audience. Acting is a great tool for training communication skills. To move from emotion to words.

prepared for First year high school students from IES de Vilafranca. Eugenie Dorres and Alte Penedès secondary schools are participating this year with a total of 60 students.

Ages: 16 and 17 years.
Class hours: Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Location: the slaughterhouse
Total sessions: 12 sessions
Study by the resident company Flyhard.

Clown workshops

It aims to enhance self-awareness and confront mental limitations and fears in order to overcome them and achieve a state of greater presence, authenticity, freedom, creativity and joy.

prepared for PFI Students (Training and Insertion Programme)

Ages: 16 to 19 years. Maximum 15 students per group. The number of beneficiaries is 30 students.
Class hours: Monday from 8:30 am to 10 am. A total of 8 sessions. Location: Fasina.
It has been taught before Jaime Chicola Rodriguez, as a master clown of gestalt, yoga and bioenergy. Accompanied by the psychologist Fassina.

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