Al Bano Carisi, his new love, sends him to a mental hospital. I’m not expecting a little girl

Al Bano Carisi, his new love, sends him to a mental hospital.  I’m not expecting a little girl
Albano Carisi intends to sign autographs with his fans –

Albano Carisi is one of the most famous Italian artists even beyond national borders: but this is his amazing new love. His long career has often taken him around the world, but somehow Al Bano has never forgotten his roots: let’s find out more about his new flame.

How long the television It has entered the homes of Italians, and the small screens have always told us the stories that it made it possible We were completely defeated. Over the years, then, some characters It remained in the soul and in the memories Of people, the reasons can be very different. Of course, things are very different these days, as television has lost its power and Yesterday’s magic.

This tool, in fact, was Replace it with other means Devices capable of transporting us instantly to the Internet, where the world is Of entertainment and information Today it takes on completely different dimensions. But the television of the past led us to this I like some of the characters. It is certainly among the most appreciated things ever seen in Italy and beyond Albano Carisi.

His career speaks for itself, and more 25 million records sold all over the world, 8 platinum discs and 26 gold discs. From 1970 to 1999 he was married to Romina PowerWith which he performs on many stages and gives life to a series of songs that are rightfully included in the list of songs most loved by Italians. Now, however, For Al Bano there is a new flame.

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A new gem from Al Bano: this is it

Al Bano’s long career has had high and low moments. This was not because of his singing abilities or his individual songs, but because of his own abilities Private life. Daughter’s condition Ylenya He greatly disturbed his relationship with Romina Power. On the cusp of the 2000s, he becomes romantically involved with… Loredana Lesiso.

Albano Carisi
Al Bano never forgot his origins –

This relationship will end permanently in 2018. But now it seems that Al Bano has decided Reclaim his passion. In fact, he had in his possession a unique gem: A Range Rover 2.5 TD. This is a very old car, it was In case of complete abandonment. That’s why the singer-songwriter decided to rely on a company that specializes in his work RecoveryPay top dollar: now it’s yours Range rover It’s like new.

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