The Birth of the Turin Model – Turin Today

The Birth of the Turin Model – Turin Today

From an environmental point of view, rather than an abandoned industry, is it better to have a garden with trees or solar panels? And if the roofs of Turin are covered by 50%, 30% or 20% with photovoltaic panels, what is the impact on the energy level and the environment? Starting today, the municipality will have a new ally at its side to make more informed policy choices on a scientific basis, with the ultimate goal of decarbonization.

Thanks to the memorandum of understanding signed today between The Polytechnic, University, ESCP School of Business and CityThe latter will be able to use the data collected and processed by the Energy Security Transition Laboratory. A kind of control room in which, in addition to collecting environmental figures and values ​​​​of various types, is able to create future scenarios based on them.

We are the first city in Italy – stressed the mayor Stefano Le RussoTo make a choice of this kind that approaches ecological transformation in this wayThe ambition is to create a true “Turin Model” with scientific support for the energy policy decision-making process, and to develop “technologies” (data management, usable and research modeling, action/policy catalogs) for the city. Responsible for the municipality’s protocol He is an environmental transformation consultant Chiara Voletta.

Among the specific objectives of the agreement, therefore, there will be: obtaining data for a permanent mapping of the city’s energy system; Create data-backed models capable of providing a scientific and quantitative estimate of the potential effects of alternative options; Develop integrated and innovative tools (databases, interactive web platforms, decision theater) to support the decision maker and create a participatory process and direct and constructive dialogue between the administration and the population on energy and sustainability issues.

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As for signing the protocol, this is what he said Stefano GionaUniversity Director: The strategic centrality of the energy transition was underlined by the decades-old environmental emergency, and thus by the subsequent continental development lines indicated by the European Union, but also by the catastrophic emergency of invasion in Ukraine. Both history and news require an irreplaceable effort of scientific research to find new models of energy production, beginning with local public systems. Today we are in the field together, universities, institutions and stakeholders, with this important and also important MoU to plan Turin’s transition to a safe and clean energy future. We invest confidently in research and in its close relationship with institutions, no more than what we today call long-term choices, recognizing that knowledge is the essential prerequisite for making a correct public decision.”

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