Bono was spotted in Bologna, the selfie at the pastry shop: is it a double? – Offers

Bono was spotted in Bologna, the selfie at the pastry shop: is it a double?  – Offers

Bologna, June 8, 2022 – Holidays Italian in shade Two towers. Bono Fox Singer and band leader U2, Apparently he chose to spend a few hours in the city. watch Photographtaken at the bar VeniceOn Andrea Costa Road. But is it really him? The news comes directly from the mayor’s social networks, Matthew Lebor, who comments as follows: “One gets distracted for a moment and passes Bono from U2 at the bar downstairs…,” he wrote under the photo, retweeted by his Facebook profile. Stop for the sounds of pastries and pictures at noon, when the rock star stops for a snack in the Zaragoza area.

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Social networks are going crazy, but fans deny it. Bono, or anyone else for him, has a real look as usual rock star: The inescapable eyeglasses, this time with a cute pair of purple lenses, and long hair, she slipped back because she wore them a decade ago. Here is another doubt. Then a jacket, a black shirt, a necklace, and a shaggy beard. Numerous testimonies from citizens who said that they saw him in the center’s various activities. And doubts multiply: “But it will not be Double? A dream, however, costs nothing.

a Twenty minutes rest One in the gun bar, and during that, it was Singer He drank two tall cups of coffee, followed by two puffs of cream and two lobsters. After a moment of hesitation, the owners asked him if it was indeed a Bono Fox. “Maybe,” he replied with a smile in Italian, “maybe,” then allowed himself to take the usual photo.

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