Morata, get the discount

Morata, get the discount

Juventus tried again and the Spanish attack of the Juventus administration had a specific goal: to try to re-establish contact with Atletico Madrid in favor of Alvaro Morata. The Bianconeri are finding it hard to find level profiles and won’t want to change too many elements, which is why they opened the door for Atletico Madrid to find a solution with the Colchoneros.

Negotiating with the athlete – With red and white, the solution could be halfway between the 30 million requested by Atletico and the 15 offered by Juventus, 20 million with a two-year payment could be the final solution that satisfies everyone.

I would like to stay Alvaro Morata’s desire to stay is clear, the footballer is happy in Turin, his children have a good sense of the city and the Italian family found after him. Returning to Madrid will not be a problem, moving to another city, such as London or Newcastle, may become a problem, and therefore the player’s chances of staying in Turin increase.

LA JUVE asks about the opponent in Morata – Juventus, on the other hand, would like to ask the striker for a discount, an important step for the contractual reduction from the current 5.2 million euros to something lower, closer to 3.5 million, also to be able to make up for the extra amount unexpected card account, will provide compensation bonuses.

In short, the Bianconeri can save more than 3 million euros in two years and pay any savings on the card, with everything it stands for.

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The Bianconeri are trying to keep Morata, after all this attack he needs fixed points and Morata could be one of them.

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