Surprisingly, the Argentine Congress rejects Miley's law in its entirety

Surprisingly, the Argentine Congress rejects Miley's law in its entirety

Buenos AiresAn unexpected setback for the government of Javier Miley in the Argentine Chamber of Deputies: the overall law, which on Friday received general approval by 144 votes to 109, was halted article by article this morning. The spokesman for the President's bloc, La Libertate Avance, Oscar Zago, asked to postpone the session when he saw that he did not have the necessary votes to approve key points of the law, such as the privatization of public companies and the aggravation of bankruptcy. Sanctions in the face of social protest. The president, on an official trip to Israel, lamented the situation: “The social class opposed the change that we Argentines voted for at the ballot box,” he said in a tweet, and warned that he would continue his program “with or without supporting the political leadership that has destroyed the country.” . Even his environment mentioned the possibility of submitting the law to popular consultation, but according to the constitution, it will never be binding.

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Now the law is back in committee, meaning it is being debated and rewritten, a step in the legislative process that passed on January 3. Tuesday's session started on a positive note for the Progressive Freedom Bloc, with some exceptional powers transferred to the executive branch. Later, Peronism and other right-wing and center-right blocs prevented the dissolution of part of the public sector. Before the vote on the privatization of public companies, one of the most controversial points of the law, the president of the chamber, Martin Menem, took a break to negotiate with the opposition, and seeing that Maili's party would not advance favorably, he asked for a sign-off. In a tweet, La Libertat Avança accused the governors who withdrew their support of blackmail, threatening that “betrayal will pay a heavy price.”

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Outside Congress, social movements focused on rejecting the law celebrated the news as a popular victory: “The law fell thanks to the mobilization of the last few days, which together with the rejection of the government's repressive actions brought the crisis to the country,” a representative of the Socialist Left, Juan Carlos Giordano, told the newspaper ARA: “The uneasy agreement reached by the government with the party opposition.”

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