FqChart – Meloni staff commitment pays off. While Italy falls FIFA

FqChart – Meloni staff commitment pays off.  While Italy falls FIFA

FQChart is the weekly arithmetic average of opinion polls on the voting intentions of Italians exclusively for Il Fatto Quotidiano. All of the surveys published by the major polling institutes in the week just ended contribute to the average.

Week 5/29 to 6/4/2023

The commitment of the Prime Minister and her communications staff (“meloni’s little monster,” someone called her) is paying off. Brothers of Italy Voter confidence increases again (29.4%, +0.4%) after a period of relative distortion.

The month of May has been full of sights and messages that could once have been defined patrioticpopular. Meloni who opens the cabinet doors to the video camera to announce that he will put more money into the salaries of part of the Italians, Meloni in white flirting amiably with the Pontiff, Meloni the hero of the Ukrainians with his Zelensky In Italy more to her than the pope, Meloni shows the images of the flood in Emilia-Romagna to the European leaders and finally the “surprise” of Meloni who visits the flooded lands high boots that sink into the water.

The result of the last administrations, good in the first round, excellent after polling, is also the result of all this. There is no ‘honeymoon’ with Italians forever, but lately prime ministers who have followed each other have fun in Italy (see Conte and Draghi for different reasons and with different support) finest to the average of previous years.

Meloni follows or is willing to follow in her wake. And with opposition not quite as well placed (Pd at 20.2% with Schlein on the grid, M5S at 15.7% with -0.4 clear), the process could work out. for the future Physiological fatigue Of the Italians, some moves by the executive branch that would arouse the discontent of the ruling classes and a new activity of league (toned up at 9.3%, +0.3) would be able to subtract the consensus from the Italia bro, but for now it looks a rather remote risk, certainly not for summer 2023.

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At the same time, Forza Italia (net 7%) resists attacks both inside and outside the right of centre, and Action and Avs, respectively at 4.2% and 3%, seem to be growing options for the few, not to mention +Europe (2.4%) and above all FIFA Italia (2.9%): for a party Matthew Renzi exchange effect vs an act It seems already over.

Source: Swg, Emg, Tecnè, Proger Index, Lab2101

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