Covid, full recovery in Germany. ‘We can’t rule out closure’ – Foreign

Covid, full recovery in Germany.  ‘We can’t rule out closure’ – Foreign

ROME, November 23, 2021 – The situation is getting more and more dangerous covid in germany. The epidemic is spreading with more than 45,000 cases per day, i dead Collecting in the hundreds, the infection rate has racked up record after record, and intensive care, at least in some areas, is on the verge of collapse. The government is considering further restrictions, and is going today not to rule out lockdown. And while the pressure on hospitals continues to increase in the Netherlands, to the point that they have begun transporting coronavirus patients to Germany, United States of AmericaIn the meantime, they urge Americans not to travel to the Teutonic country.

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But the situation remains critical across Europe. in a Austria Bishops asked a Pope Francesco from Postponing the visit, while also in Slovakia may not be ruled out Close three weeks. And so is heWho is the To sound the alarm: the threshold is likely to be crossed by March 2 million dead for covid.


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The latest data records a new one Record the weekly infection rate In Germany. According to the Robert Koch Institute, there are 399.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants today, up from 312.4 yesterday. They were detected within the last 24 hours 45,326 cases and 309 deaths, for a total of 5,430,911 infections and 99,433 deaths, respectively, since the beginning of the epidemic. “The situation in some German states is really tragic,” says the German Minister of Health.Jens Span Interview by radio station DLF. “We cannot rule out any action, including insuranceHe adds. And again: “There are a lot of patients and the intensive care unit is full and this is not only about Covid-19 patients.” yesterday Span He has made horrific statements: By winter everyone will be vaccinated, cured or dead.
According to the figures, there are 3,845 intensive care beds occupied across the country. Currently me free seats In Berlin they are 8.1%and 8.8% in Saxony and 9.4% in Bavaria. “We have to move patients, the intensive care units are full — anyone who has had a heart attack or an accident in these areas has a very hard time getting quality care,” Spahn says.

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Meanwhile, the The USA advises against all travel to Germany and Denmark. For both countries, the alert level has risen to 4 which means “don’t travel”. For Berlin, the alert is also about Attacks. And the US warning stated that “terrorist groups continue to plan possible attacks in Germany,” “terrorists can attack without warning or without warning targeting tourist resorts, transportation centers, markets, shopping centers, hotels, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, airports and other public areas.”

L ‘Holland started with transfer patients Affected by the Corona virus Germany To try to relieve the pressure on hospitals, after the increase in cases and hospitalizations due to the fourth wave. A patient was taken by ambulance from Rotterdam to Bochum this morning, and another will follow the same procedure in the afternoon, according to Dutch health authorities. Currently, the occupancy rate in Dutch hospitals is at its highest level since May. German hospitals provided 20 beds. Yesterday, Covid patients filled 470 of the Netherlands’ 1,050 intensive care units, and hospitals are working to reduce standard care and treatments, such as heart operations and cancer-related interventions.

Delicate moment also in France, where yesterday Positivity towards Covid by Prime Minister Jan Casteks Who has not met President Macron since last Wednesday. Interior Ministers Gerald Darmanen, Sports and Roxana Maracino and Tourism Jean-Baptiste Lemoine tested negative for a swab. Undersecretary for European Affairs Clement Bonn was also passive, in solitary confinement after he escorted Castex yesterday to Brussels. Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo, who met Castex and four ministers from his government, was in solitary confinement awaiting a test.

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I bishops Austrians, given the current epidemiological situation in Austria, they asked Pope Francis postponed imminent again visit “ad limina” of the Conference of Bishops in Rome. “Because the situation in Austria is very tense because of quarto lockWe, the bishops, now want to be with the people as a sign of solidarity in the country,” the president of the Austrian Bishops’ Conference, Monsignor Franz Lackner, told Catbrie. The Vatican’s decision is expected soon: the episcopal visit is scheduled at the Bishops explained that the current abdication is “a sign of In solidarity with all those who, as convalescent or vaccinated, currently have to do a lot in order to find a way out together from a deadly epidemic.”

Do not rule out the possibility of a three-week closure Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger thinks “extensively” on this hypothesis. in a Slovakia Infections are on the rise, and the vaccination rate is lower than the EU average. Former Prime Minister Robert Fico publicly denounced the use of masks and participated in protests against measures imposed to contain the infection.

“We can expect that there will be high or extreme pressure on hospital beds in 25 European countries and high or severe pressure on intensive care units in 49 out of 53 countries between now and March 1, 2022.” It’s the alert you raisedWho is the which provided that Total deaths will exceed 2.2 million By the spring of next year. To reverse this trend, as the World Health Organization explains, and to be able to “live with the virus,” it is necessary to take an “approach”Serum plus ”, i.e. taking standard vaccinations and booster vaccinations.

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The good news comes fromAustralia , Where restrictions will be eased from December. Work is also being done to encourage the return of foreign students to the country, thus making up for the shortage of manpower. in a South Korea Face-to-face teaching is back, for the first time since the start of the pandemic. Pupils will return to class in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.

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