Orsini “The Draghi government is manipulating the Italians” / “NATO and the USA have betrayed Ukraine. Salvini …”

Orsini “The Draghi government is manipulating the Italians” / “NATO and the USA have betrayed Ukraine. Salvini …”

Long distance communication and response between Matthew Renzi And the Alessandro Orsini to me It’s not the Massimo Giletti circuit. Given that the former Prime Minister during his interview accused him of saying “Nonsense”, particularly with regard to the comparison between the Dragon And the LukashenkoAt the beginning of his speech, Lewis’ teacher wanted us to respond. “I have great sympathy from a human point of view, but I am sorry for your speaking on Rai. My contract was torn because of my criticism of the Draghi government. This is damage to our democracy, a scary message, because whoever talks about it badly pays the priceIn this regard, he re-launched, accusing the Italian government of “They carried out a shameful act to manipulate public opinion“.

And therefore, Alessandro Orsini He explained how this would happen: “pRimma sent terrifying killing machines to Ukraine, a giant 12-meter cannon capable of firing destructive shells up to 30 kilometers, secretly sending this terrifying weapon of death, knowing that the Italians were against him, he diverted, manipulating, the attention of public opinion to a non-existent peace plan . So it hid that it was promoting the politics of death and pretending to be a government that promoted peace. But the Russians didn’t fall for it, they literally threw the fake peace plan in our faces“.

ORSINI “Salvini? They are afraid that…”

Alessandro Orsini New accusations were launched against the Western bloc. “Since I learned that NATO, the United States and the West are a group of sneaky traitors, I have always been afraid that we will eventually abandon the Ukrainians. But we already did itstated in contact with It’s not the ring. Then he explained how this would happen:When we were doing military exercises in Ukraine, Zelensky made us believe that in the event of an invasion, NATO would somehow intervene. We are already traitors to Ukraine, we have already stabbed them in the back. Johnson, when Putin protested the exercises, always responded in a very muscular manner. All the noise has contributed to this disaster. I fear that even our societies, in the face of severe stagnation and the habit of massacres, will again abandon Ukraine.Lewis’ teacher also commented on the case Possible trip of Matteo Salvini to Russia: «They fear sending Salvini to Russia because he could be successful and gain personal gain. As a pacifist, I hope it goes, it would be a very brave act to break the Biden Johnson axisFinally, in a file The situation in Ukraine: «Putin is literally tearing up Donbass, he is literally tearing it up“.

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