Afraid to break the Crusaders

Federico a church He left Roma-Juventus in tears in the 32nd minute and at the end of the match arrived the team bus, stopped in the belly of the Olympique, accompanied by a cart from the Red Cross. Worrying signs added to the indiscretions that leak from the environments close to the Juventus and Italy wings: There is a fear of Anterior cruciate ligament rupture of the left knee Hence the end of the early season. In the morning, Chiesa will make the ringing at J Medical and the picture will be clearer and more certain. However, the apprehension is great. Federico’s left knee sprained error in the 25th minute of the first half, unlike Chris Smalling. The Juventus striker fell to the ground with evil, left the field accompanied by doctors, but then tried to clench his teeth and wanted to return. But on the first shot, he had to raise the white flag. Tears and hot sensations unfortunately increase fear.

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Chiesa, the optical equivalence of the injury during the Roma-Juventus match


Both Juventus and Italy are hoping for a miracle. Yes, because if investigations confirm post-match fears, Massimiliano Allegri will have to give up Church not only in Wednesday’s Super Cup against Inter (when suspended De Ligt and Cuadrado are also absent), but also the full second round. It will be a blow to everyone, also obviously for Roberto Mancini who will be participating in the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar in March without one of the main champions at Wembley.


the Juventus He’s waiting for the tests for every kind of evaluation, but if the Chiesa accident is too serious, there will certainly be some consequences for the market as well. Start by confirming Diane Kulusevsky, far from being untouched in recent times and wooed by ex-Juventus players Antonio Conte and Fabio Paratici of Tottenham Hotspur.

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