Clemente Venturini: ‘It’s not an exact science’

Clément Venturini did poorly from the start in the French cyclocross championship, which took place on Sunday afternoon in Liévin. The AG2R Citroën rider has not been able to climb upstream and must leave the tricolor jersey of Joshua Dubau, his runner-up for the past two years at Flamanville and Pontchâteau (see ranking). “It would be strange not to wear the tricolor jersey anymore, but cycling is not an exact science, otherwise the others wouldn’t start the race. It’s such a shame to put this shirt away, but I think I would be glad if some were worn by someone other than me.‘, slip a DirectVelo.

It got stuck in traffic from the start. “I fell twice. You pushed me, no one gives a gift, that’s all. I found myself on deck, handlebars crooked. I walked away, but stayed focused, telling myself the race is long“.But up front, Fabien Dube, Yan Gra and Joshua Dubau are back on top, and Lyon still can’t make it through to them.”I just wasn’t going faster than them. It might be hard to hear, but I’m running for the title, not the fifth. I wanted to finish the race but when you resume the race it is always hard“.

You also need to know how to lose.

The former junior world champion salutes the victory of the new French champion. “I can run to win, but you also have to know how to lose. Today, honestly, I’m very happy with Joshua Dubbo’s win. He totally deserves it, he’s been doing it all season and he’s the best French playerFor her part, she considers herself.more or less accurate than [s]We have a plan to walk. I wasn’t early, but I wasn’t late either. This Sunday was a little special. I love clay but when there is little return“.

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The French Elite Champion’s 4WD crossover season never stops at Levin. “I go to the street track with the team and then I go to the World Cup Tour in Flamanville. After that, if I am selected to participate in the World Championships, I will go“.

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