Beijing 2022 Olympics: Today’s live news and results

Today’s races

02.30, FREESTYLE: First round of men’s figure skating final (Dunagio)

02.40, BOB: Trials 1 and 2 four-man bobsleigh – Italy 1 (Patrick Baumgartner, Lorenzo Belotti, Alex Verginier, Eric Fantazini), Italy 2 (Mattia Variola, Jose Delmas Ubo, Robert Gino Mercia, Alex Pagnini)

02.58, Freestyle: Round 2 of the men’s figure skating final (possibly Donaggio)

03.15, surfing: men’s slalom 1st round (Giuliano Razzoli, Tommaso Sala, Alex Vinitzer)

03.26, Freestyle: men’s figure skating final round three (Dunagio)

06.45, alpine skiing: second men’s slalom (possibly Giuliano Razzoli, Tommaso Sala, Alex Vinitzer)

07.05, Curling: 11 men’s robin session (China – Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy – Denmark).

07.10, BOB: Experiments 3 and 4 BOB for two women

08.15, cross-country skiing: sprint semi-finals for the women’s team (Katrina Ganz, Lucia Scardini)

08.45 Biathlon: Women’s 4x6km relay – Italy (Comola, Sanfilippo, Vitozzi, Ferrer)

09.15, cross-country skiing: sprint semi-final rounds for the men’s team (De Fabiani, Pellegrino)

10.15, cross-country skiing: women’s classic technique speed team final (Yves Katrina Ganz, Lucia Scardioni)

10.45, cross-country skiing: Final team racing in classic men’s style (maybe De Fabiani, Pellegrino)

12.00, FREESTYLE: Last 1 men’s antennas

12:30, Ice Hockey: Finland-Switzerland, Women’s Bronze Final

12.30, Short Track: Women’s 1500m Quarter-finals (Fontana, Maseto, Siegel)

13.00, Freestyle: The last two men’s antennas

1.15pm, Short Track: Women’s 1500m semi-finals (possibly Fontana, Maseto, Siegel)

13.32, short track: B men’s final relay

13.44, short track: Final A men’s relay – Italy (Casinelli, Confortola, Dutti, Segel, Speichenhauser)

14.11, Short Track: Women’s 1500m B Final

14.18, short track: women’s 1500m final

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