Lazio, Roma, Fiorentina and Atalanta: What a fast race for Europe

Lazio, Roma, Fiorentina and Atalanta: What a fast race for Europe

Four teams on three points with two places in the Europa League and one in the Conference League. But the Giallorossi has another chance

With four teams in three points, even Europe’s sprint sprint, in addition to the Scudetto and Redemption, completes a championship league You will give feelings until the last minute for each potential target. Two days from the end, in front of everyone there LazioWho scored 62 points is a small step in defending fifth place. However, Sarri’s Biancocelesti will first have to face Juventus in Turin and then with the ghostly Verona at Olympique. It is enough, in short, not to accept the standings in the European League. Behind Lazio, there are three pairs at a height of 59. Nobody between them RomeAnd Fiorentina And Atalanta However, it has a descending calendar. Perhaps better off would be the Giallorossi, with Venice and Turin next contenders, while Viola will have to go to Genoa in Sampdoria and then close in ‘Franchi’ with Juventus. On the other hand, Bergamo players will be guests of the much-anticipated Milan before leaving with Empoli.

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In the event that two teams equal in points arrive, Lazio outperforms Atalanta and Fiorentina, and Roma advances in the Derby and Nerazzurri, while Viola is ahead of Bergamo and Giallorossi. In the event of closing with more double formations, the separate arrangement would reward the Romanian for the two places available in the European League and the Viola for the seventh place in relation to the goddess. In short, it will be 180′ where anything can happen.

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The beautiful thing is that knowing the mathematical certainty who will qualify forEuropean League (Fifth and sixth places given that the Coppa Italia winner, Juventus or Inter, will already be a sure team in the Champions League) and who will go to the playoffs. Conference League (Seventh place) It will not be enough to wait for the end of the tournament. Indeed, if Roma win the new-born of the UEFA-branded cups, the final of which is scheduled to take place on May 25 in Tirana against Feyenoord, Mourinho’s team will advance directly to the group stage of the previous UEFA Cup.

Depending on Rome’s standings in the standings, it will then be known whether Italy has two teams in EL and one in CL or three and none in a row. This hypothesis will come true if Rome wins Albania, but it is not among the top six.

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