Berardi, Juventus train passes for the second (and last) time: Sassuolo Conditions | first page

Berardi, Juventus train passes for the second (and last) time: Sassuolo Conditions |  first page

It’s not a summer without Domenico’s suspicions Berardi: Leave Sassuolo to finally try out an experience in a great team or continue as king in your Neroverdi home, as a flag as everyone already realizes? This year, the dilemma is back stronger than ever. for this reason It was the European champions themselves who sparked the rumors of The line “I don’t know if I’ll be there” was uttered in early AugustOn his twenty-ninth birthday. The aging age and the ever-high demands of Sassuolo make any negotiations complicated, but not impossible.

juve weapons – there Juventuswho was already very close in the past to Berardi who for years had not wanted to move to Turin for fear of stiff competition and the unknown factor, Willing to sit for the second time at the table with Sassuolo, who are asking 25 million: The number can be accessed by entering Sully or Ealing Jr as a technical counterpart to the transaction. The Bianconeri is considering offering the first, The neroverdi and with them coach Alessio Dionisi have made it clear that they are more interested in the second, if anything.. Whatever it is, Juventus will score one capital gains giving a valuation well above €1 million, which is a figure on the balance sheet of both.

How to learn Vratesi – Then there is the concrete possibility that Sassuolo will help the old lady directly, exactly As happened with Inter and Frattisi: Onerous loan, a commitment to buy the following year, and the inclusion of a young man in the negotiations. There is all the makings to give Max Allegri a player who has been making the difference in our competition for years with goals and assists, perfect for aiming high after years of lack of energy and in a year without European trophies.

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