Real Madrid did not pass until the 94th minute

Real Madrid did not pass until the 94th minute

Leonardo Bonucci He appeared for the first time in a shirtUnion Berlin in Champions League in home real madrid. Previous team Juventus, Which left the Bianconeri amid controversy In the last transfer session, they lost 0-1 Santiago Bernabeu. the Blancos They only found the winner in stoppage time in the 94th minute, with Judd’s usual goal Bellingham After a great defensive match for the Germans. The blue defender started and left the field in the 80th minute after putting in a strong and alert performance: the big lead Rodrigo Inside the area in the 74th minute.

Bonucci: “We will have great satisfaction”

At the end of the match, the former Juventus defender commented on the performance of his new team: β€œWe want to grow day by day. This team comes after an amazing journey from Bundesliga 2 to the Champions League. We must continue like this, we know that our values ​​are to fight for every ball and play for each other. By doing this we will get great satisfactionAnd finally a joke about the difficulties in the German language: β€œIt’s difficult, at the moment we manage things in English.“.

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