Dominica IN, Emilio Fede’s rage against Mara Venier: “You were nobody!”

Dominica IN, Emilio Fede’s rage against Mara Venier: “You were nobody!”

that it Emilio Fede In a rage he attacks him Mara Venere. In her Instagram live, the former director of Tg4 didn’t seem to have handled well the presenter’s final speech sunday in. Here Rai 1’s face indicates the premature death of his son-in-law, which occurred a few days before the broadcast. “One final episode,” Venner specified, “is not easy for me.”

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Lyrics not missed by Fede’s sudden, unexplained reaction: “Mhhh…fuck the misery, remember Mara who You were nobody.” However, this is not Venier’s first criticism. Many objected to the presenter’s choice of overly self-centered interviews. Could this be behind the journalist’s criticism? Meanwhile, even for faith, it is not one of the best times.

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complicit in death Silvio Berlusconi. “I feel bad, I’m really very sad – he said in an interview with the air that blows -. Silvio is everywhere, we will miss him. He will be missed by a country that needs at this moment to be strong and united.” And again, with tears: “The world has lost a good, lovable, intelligent person.” The two, according to Fede, were more than “brothers” friends.

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