Transport companies in Tarragona warn that fleet electrification is unsustainable DiaryTots21

Transport companies in Tarragona warn that fleet electrification is unsustainable DiaryTots21

Image from one of the talks On Tuesday, FEAT estimates that 4,000 vehicles will need to be replaced. Photo: ACN/E.Tost

the Business Association of Motor Transport in Tarragona (a job) warned that electrification of the vehicle fleet is economically unsustainable. Faced with European regulations stipulating that from 2035 trucks equipped with internal combustion engines will no longer be sold, transport companies in Tarragona see a “decline”. head of the entity, Joaquim RiodiobasHe pointed out that the demarcation includes a fleet of more than 4,000 taxis, buses and trucks. “This should be thrown in the trash and should be done again,” he explained, saying that SMEs or self-employed people could not afford to change their car. Riodiopas He pointed out that the price of a diesel truck is about 120,000 euros, while the price of an electric truck is close to 500,000 euros.

In the face of the “anxiety” that this scenario generates in this sector,… a job This Tuesday I organized a day to analyze future perspectives entitled “Transport Sector in Tarragona”. Experts from companies and entities related to cars, hydrogen or fuel participated in the round table. The dean was also present College of Technical and Industrial Engineers of Tarragona, Joan Gabriel TallarnHe pointed out that in the future, “each sector will have its own technology and we are still at the beginning of development.”

“The coming years will be key to determining whether the electric vehicle will be imposed or whether hydrogen will become a viable carrier for transportation,” he explained. In this sense, he commented that for home use, the electric vehicle is “standardized” but has not yet arrived for trips of more than 1,000 kilometers or for transporting goods. to Talarn “The implementation of a fuel cell vehicle can be complementary for transportation companies that can provide them with the autonomy they need and have shorter recharging times than those of an electric vehicle.”

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In fact, he commented that the technology already exists to convert combustion vehicles into hydrogen-powered vehicles, but the Spanish state is late to ratification. “It is a problem that we hope will be solved in the coming years,” he said. On the other side, Riodiopas It has focused on biofuels, which could be a solution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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