Erasing the memory of Rao Alejandro forever, the final end

Erasing the memory of Rao Alejandro forever, the final end

RosaliaThe Catalan star has been victorious since his beginnings in the world of flamenco with Angels Make the international leap with Bad desire He strengthened himself as an international artist with it Motomami Tour. But translated 'dispatch' He lived too Dark moments After fame we have seen her wearing an engagement ring in her music video “BESO”. Raw Alejandro A few months after telling him yes, they starred in a movie rupture Most surprising on the international scene. Desolate, she gave us goosebumps with her version of “Our love is broken”. Nearly nine months later, traces of his past still haunt him.

Rao Alejandro and Rosalia/Instagram

Alejandro tattooed rosalia/x

From the moment it was a very passionate love, they announced it publicly after a moment Tik Tok Together, we ignite passions around the world. They were the couple of the moment, with some careers to spare Of success among the stars. It seems that only with this whole life scene their relationship will last forever longer. The release of their EP was just one of various public promises made by the singers. Before they slipped in the wedding ring, they were already forever fused with each other, The ink marked them forever. Rosalia got a double tattoo R.R On the sole of the foot it was more direct and wrote the singer's name Above the navel But in this whole collection of tattoos, we have Rosie, He was hiding one that was almost invisible.

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Rosalía points out the location of Alejandro's tattoo on YouTube

Rosalia tattoo “Raul” / Telemadrid

Just below the chest we see it She noticed her ex-boyfriend's name, Raul. This is what he learned during an interview with eBay Lanos. She was so small and insignificant, in fact she could only be seen on rare occasions, and well, after I saw her last picture in… Beverly Hills, we can see that it has disappeared. Most of the singer's followers praised him like With transparencies, following the trend Nipple free. “There's something missing here… Or it's been missing for a long time, but we haven't seen it…” Indeed, with his entire torso exposed, in various shots, there is no trace of the tattoo bearing the name of his ex-lover. Good-bye.

It was incredibly small, and who knows, maybe He decided to delete it a few days agoBut so far this has not been explained to us. Rosalía said goodbye forever to her ex-lover on the Latin Grammy stage in Seville Photos by Jeremy Allen White They showed us that it was better than ever without a singer every thing about you. Now, after finding this evidence, its history has become clear to us It is past water

the Motomami, queen St. Esteve Siseroverse, It's not for fairy tales.

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