“A parody of justice” – Corriere.it

“A parody of justice” – Corriere.it

Atlanta – White male, six feet three inches tall, 215 pounds, blonde/strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes. It’s Donald Trump’s card, P01135809, in cArcher of Fulton CountyNorth atlanta where yesterday turned out to be on the spot He was released on bail — in prime time, under the spotlight of American and international television. The former president got involved right away mugshotthe first to be accepted Four indictments But it’s also a landmark photo: the first portrait of a US president. His advisors explained that he chose to appear “scorned” and that he was very happy about it. “I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s a very sad day for America,” Donald Trump said shortly after turning himself in to Atlanta authorities. “What happened is one A parody of justiceAnd interference in elections has never been seen in this country before.

For the first time since January 8, 2021 (two days after the attack on Congress) Trump has done so He tweeted on Musk’s social network (now called X) to share and will use for the fundraiser. The day before, he had interrupted a Fox News debate between his Republican rivals, of whom six out of eight (and the two who did not boo) pledged to support him if he became the party’s nominee. Even if the courts convict him. Dozens of masked officers closed off the prison perimeter in response to threats against staff, but in an interview with Trump that was broadcast during the debate, Presented by Tucker Carlson He noted that it was the former president who was in danger: enemies might try to kill him.

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Any of the hundreds of supporters who came from the republican provinces Farms and Ranch from Indiana to Tennessee Or from progressive cities like Gainesville, Florida, where they say they should “go into hiding,” actually wearing a (fake) T-shirt, waiting for the real picture of their president, who is accused of trying to kill him. Sabotage the result of the vote in 2020. Some indictments are up: A group called “Front Row Joes” was also present in Florida in June. “I’m moving forward again to reach 40,” says Sharon Anderson, a 67-year-old retiree. She brought the plastic chair, carried an umbrella and a fan against the horrendous muggy heat, but immediately rose to defy the lone anti-Trump protester who arrived early in the morning from Brooklyn: “My socialist!”

Trump supporters were not seen Debate on Fox News. They believe the challengers — the seven career politicians and the 38-year-old businessman Vivek Ramaswamy himself who presents himself as an outsider and defines Trump as “the best president of the century” — is just trying to poach his supporters, even when they’re not attacking him directly (and Fox News abides by this). the plan). And they say it won’t work: Pastor Ken Peters of the National Church, set up by Trumpian evangelicals, explains that former Vice President Pence may be against abortion, but he remains a traitor. However, there is a certain fear of it Renault voters. (Republicans in name only) are abandoning Trump, especially here in Georgia, a state where Republican Gov. Kemp has denied the election was “stolen” and where Secretary of State Raffensperger, also a Republican, has opposed “the former president’s demand to find his “11,700 votes to win.” He interrupts. Charlie radios Christian to tell us he’s already fighting with Republican friends, who consider Trump guilty and unelectable after the indictment.

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there And Georgia will be central again in the next elections. Biden, who won it by a narrow margin in 2020, is taking a risk in 2024, according to Camille, an African-American from New York who moved to Atlanta where she works as an Uber driver: She has Democratic friends who regret voting for Biden. They are fed up with Trump, but after he was fired they didn’t see the changes they wanted.” For those who are with Trump, repentance is not easy. This applies to i Charge 18 of his alliesEleven of them have already turned themselves in to get fingerprints and selfies (some of them smiling). Will they deceive him? Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows He’s already cooperating with federal prosecutor Jack Smith. And for those who have joined the Trumpian movement, like Jennifer Friend, the 56-year-old bartender, it’s a choice for life. “I was miserable,” read her T-shirt, quoting Hillary Clinton’s famous insult to Trump fans. Jennifer has not seen her parents since 2016. “They don’t invite me to Christmas. They are very progressive. My father was a trade unionist, and he wishes me to die.” She lives in the woods of Florida, to distance herself from the liberals and prepare for the “reset”, when “America becomes socialist like Venezuela”: “It is inevitable, unless Trump wins.” Viviana Maza

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