The end of the world in Libya and fears of 20 thousand victims due to floods. Video Updates »

The end of the world in Libya and fears of 20 thousand victims due to floods.  Video Updates »

Floods in LibyaIt’s a disaster! It’s about to One of the worst weather-related disasters of the last centuryIn fact, there are fears of 20,000 deaths.

Compared to the 10,000 casualties announced by official humanitarian agencies such as the Libyan Red Crescent, the new number A dramatic estimate of 20,000 deaths Born in Director of Al Bayda Medical Center, Abdul Rahim MadiQuoted from The Guardian newspaper, while international aid began gradually arriving at the site, the deaths confirmed so far due to the floods in Derna are 3800: Local authorities announced this.

but What sparked that This disaster?

Let’s take a step back. Between 4 and 7 September, a stationary low pressure system (cyclone) caused heavy rains and flooding in Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. The depression later moved towards North Africa. Weakness, sure, but only temporarily. In fact, thanks to still very high temperatures in the Mediterranean, the depression has intensified again. Switching to the so-called pharmaceutical Which arrived on September 10th The Libyan coast is witnessing heavy rains and strong winds.

The Libyan Meteorological Authority provided a summary of the values ​​measured during the passage of the storm, which was named Daniel. According to the report, they fell between 150 and 240 mm in twelve cities The eastern coast including Benghazi. to White Heavy rainfall was recorded (414.1 mm). The wind speed reached 70-80 km/h, but these measurements do not agree with weather map analyses. That is, they are underestimated.

there The devastation was complete With cities completely submerged FloodsBridges were destroyed and dams collapsed, as we can see from the pictures below. In fact, this is the amount of rain that would normally fall in two years, but concentrated in just 24 hours.

Damage caused by the floods that struck Libya

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Among the terms used to describe the storm is the term medical, From the union of words Mediterranean hurricane Or a Mediterranean hurricane. Once these events occurred once every 10 years (if not more), we now also record 2 or 3 events every year (the first of 2023 already in January in the upper Adriatic). The formation of these generally eerie atmospheric machines requires Very warm sea water temperatures; 26°C is the official threshold for tropical cyclone development. This summer, record-breaking heat waves in southern Europe sent temperatures skyrocketing. The southern Mediterranean still records sea temperatures in the range of 25-28 degrees Celsius, and up to 30 degrees Celsius locally. The basic characteristic of this type of phenomenon is the “warm core”. (warm essence Technically), it is particularly well present in the lower layers (850 hPa, about 1450 m), with temperatures +2°C +3°C (if not more) compared to the surrounding environment. frompicture Satellites We can see the full force of this hurricane about to hit Libya.Medicane (Mediterranean hurricane or Mediterranean hurricane) as seen from satellite

Medicane (Mediterranean hurricane or Mediterranean hurricane) as seen from satellite
The Medicane family manages to maintain significant strength during its journey which often translates into intense convective activity in the centre, where particularly violent storm systems can hide, and into very strong and turbulent winds with gusts in More than 120 km/hoften in the form of a storm.

It is not unlikely that others will be formed in the coming weeks pharmaceutical On the Mediterranean Sea; Therefore it is essential Monitor marine water conditions and temperatures And new incursions from northern Europe that could lead to new and malicious hurricanes.

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