Rc Auto, the new hit for motorists: will pay 18% more than Tragedy for many families

Rc Auto, the new hit for motorists: will pay 18% more than Tragedy for many families
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In Italy, motor vehicle liability insurance is compulsory for all motorists. However, a new blow to motorists has recently been announced: an 18% increase in motor liability insurance premiums. The news came as a blow to many Italian families, already reeling from the high cost of living and the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

RC Auto is a fixed cost per driver, But an increase in insurance premiums will make it more difficult for many families bear this cost. This is a tragedy for many families who find themselves in financial difficulty and may have to forgo motor liability insurance.

The increase in the insurance premium was justified by its insurers Increased cost of accidents and car damage. However, many motorists are wondering if this is really the reason for the increase, or if insurance companies are simply looking for it To increase their profits at the expense of consumers.

There are many families who depend on the car to get to work or take their children to school. RC Auto is essential to ensuring the safety of motorists and other road users. but, The new premium increase could exclude many families from insurance coverageincreased risk of road accidents e Making the streets less safe for everyone.

18% increase in motor liability premiums in Italy: all affected regions

Moreover, many families may have to choose Less reliable insurance companies or even driving without insurancewhich is illegal and can be It entails heavy fines and even suspension of the driver’s license.

Average auto liability insurance premiums in Italy have increased by 18% in one year, up to 525.98 euros, according to a Facile.it report based on more than 13.3 million estimates collected last year. All Italian regions recorded a twofold increase in premiums, with Abruzzo leads the standings An increase of 25.1% compared to March 2022.

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Increased car insurance premiums in Italy: a blow to motorists in times of economic crisis

Campania remains the most expensive region for car insurance, while Friuli Venezia Giulia is the cheapest. Reasons for higher premiums include the high cost of claims and inflation. Andrea Gizzoni, managing director of insurance at Facile.it, explained that rates were 13% lower just six months ago.

In conclusion, the increase in insurance premiums for RC cars represents a new blow to Italian motorists, and in particular to families already suffering from the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. It is important for insurance companies to transparently explain the reasons for the increase and work to find solutions to them Ensure the safety of motorists without endangering the financial stability of Italian families.

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