In the United States, up to $ 5 million for information on the property of the Russian oligarch –

In the United States, up to $ 5 million for information on the property of the Russian oligarch –
to Lorenzo Nicolau

The idea of ​​the US Treasury Department to engage citizens in the fighting in the Kremlin. Thus, denouncing the assets of billionaires close to Putin will allow the implementation of the announced sanctions

There are many proverbs against spies, but the so-called “deep throat” in the United States has been effective since the days of the Watergate scandal. In an attempt to collect information that cannot be accessed otherwise, And so the US government decided to allocate a sum of money to reward any citizen who has additional details of the property of the Russian oligarchy in the country. This is the last means, according to USA Today, to try to track down the billionaires closest to Vladimir Putin, allowing the authorities to apply the economic restrictions already declared against them. The struggle in the Kremlin for the actions that it has so far chosen to take the White House, therefore, passes through these channels, but a strong incentive was needed to engage the citizens in this fight.

the prize

Amount up to 5 million dollars (equivalent to €4.5 million) made available by the Treasury for any report relating to the assets of Russians on US soil, from those who are Current accounts for real estate such as hotels, villas or yachts themselves. Generous recognition of a real government program with which we want to strike more and more squarely at the wallet of men who can somehow influence the actions and future behavior of Vladimir Putin himself in Ukraine. The logic to be followed is to make penalties not only a word with a deterrent effect, but also a tangible thing, targeting oligarchs with very tangible effects on their liquid and real estate assets. On this occasion, the US government also presented one A list of the 28 most influential billionaires closest to the Kremlin leaderwhich is already a top priority for the White House and about which the department would like to have information before others.

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This partisan plan, supported by both Republicans and Democrats, is called The IRS Whistleblower Program Improvement ActIt had already been planned for some time, long before Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine, but not yet implemented, as there was no immediate need for it. Instead, the war turned priorities upside down, giving every citizen the opportunity to contribute to the fight against Moscow and its most loyal billionaires. The coordinated efforts of the various agencies cooperating directly with the government will shoulder, at least at the informational level, what might be the help of ordinary citizens, who perhaps from personal experience know better local realities or certain contexts which can be traced back to the peculiarities of Russian oligarchs. So we will assess each case individually, in order to concretely identify the Russian property, which has already, at least officially, been sanctioned by the Biden administration, the United Kingdom, Canada and the countries that are part of the European Union. However, the latest proposal from the Treasury is not the only way to track down the assets of the oligarch, as it was recently activated. Multilateral working group With some countries imposing sanctions, including Italy. US banking institutions themselves have been warned. Legal consequences without distinction of any kind of coverage or protection for the Russian elite.

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