New SUVs from Dr Group along with new Dr 8 and Dr 9 (including brand new Evo, Sportequipe and Ickx)

New SUVs from Dr Group along with new Dr 8 and Dr 9 (including brand new Evo, Sportequipe and Ickx)

the SUV group dr It is gaining increasing popularity as evidenced by the steadily increasing sales figures. The recent agreement with Baic opens new horizons for the near future. This success is attributed to the many technical and functional advantages that distinguish them from the competition.

One of the distinguishing elements of these cars is their advanced driving assistance systems, which use artificial intelligence and advanced sensors to ensure greater safety on the road. These systems can provide support and assistance to the driver while driving, helping to reduce the risk of an accident and improving the overall driving experience. Let’s see now:

  • Dr. group, what’s the new SUV
  • Towards the new Dr 8 and Dr 9 models

Dr. group, what’s the new SUV

age 5 It is an Italian version of the Baic X3, with some specific modifications. It featured a sculpted design with swollen fenders, an upright front fascia and a contrasting black roof. The interior is modern with inserts simulating brushed aluminum, a dashboard with symmetrical instruments and a driver-oriented center console. The engine is a 1.5-cylinder turbo petrol, with a bi-fuel LPG version available with 127 hp. The gearbox is six-speed with front-wheel drive. the evo 5 price Starting from 19,000 euros.

sports team 7 This is a 7-seater crossover with a 160-horsepower 1.5 turbo petrol engine and a 6-speed DCT automatic gearbox. she has sMacPherson front suspension Independent rear with multi-link system and anti-skid bar. The maximum speed is 190 km / h. The starting price is 40,000 euros.

Ickx K2 It is a compact SUV inspired by Jeep Wrangler’s rugged design. It has a 2.0-liter diesel engine with 162 horsepower and a 2.0-liter Thermo Hybrid LPG petrol engine with 260 horsepower. Both versions have an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and all-wheel drive with reduced modes and an electronically locking differential. The car can overcome slopes up to 60% lower thanks to the ground clearance of 220 mm. The base price is 54,500 euros for the five-seater version.

Towards the new Dr 8 and Dr 9 models

dr 8.0 It has an expected length of 472cm and features advanced push options and versatility. Among the gasoline engine options, two powerful engines will be offered. The first choice will be a 200-horsepower 1.6 turbo engine, which guarantees agile and responsive performance. The second option will offer a 260-horsepower 2.0 turbo engine, for More dynamic and sporty performance. The DR 8.0 will include a plug-in hybrid version, which will combine an internal combustion engine and an electrical system. The expected price of the Dr 8.0 will be placed in the range between 28,000 and 30,000 euros.

Not only that, Dr. plans to launch the new large SUV on the Italian market by 2025 dr 9.0It is inspired by the Chinese model Chery Tiggo 9, which was presented at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2023. Dr 9.0 will have a length of 482 cm and a wheelbase of 282 cm. The engine range can include a plug-in hybrid version with a total power of 365 hp. A 260-horsepower turbocharged petrol engine may be available, included in the LPG-powered thermal hybrid version. DR 9.0 will also be available in Sport version called Sportequipe 9with an expected starting price of around 40,000 euros.

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