Siemens opens a global digital development center in the free zone

Siemens opens a global digital development center in the free zone

They have more than 170 years of history, 130 of which are in Spain and 110, specifically, in Catalonia. “We feel, without a doubt, at home, because we have helped build the Catalan industry,” affirmed yesterday the General Manager of Digital Industries at Siemens Spain and Portugal, José Ramón Castro, in presenting the last big bet of “this work for society”. Yesterday the company opened a center Global digital experimentation and testing oriented towards flexible production housed in the DFactory of the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB).

“We are proud to say that we are part of the solution to the major challenges being implemented outside Spain,” celebrated the technical director.

According to several Siemens officials, the space, dubbed Siemens DeX, will be created as a global competency center for flexible production. Simply put, the ultimate goal of this type of production is for factories to be more flexible and adaptable to changes in environmental conditions, customer demand, or manufacturing needs. In this sense, the German giant’s proposal is to provide spaces for testing technological solutions aimed at achieving this goal.

The peculiarity of the Barcelona center is that it will be the only center in the world that focuses exclusively – at least for the time being – on autonomous vehicles (those robots that move autonomously in warehouses) and robotic arms that move thanks to Intel · Artificial Intelligence

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