The discount in the bill, the antidote to rising energy prices: how to get it

Invoice prices are increasingly high. Electricity and gas become almost unsustainable burdens in times of crisis. This is why reward and wisdom also enter into consumption.

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Beware of your high bill. October passed, bringing with it the echo of this mantra, and finally ended November with a sense of surrender to the inevitable. The change was significant, even for those already traveling in duty free: on average, Each Italian family will spend 631 euros To honor the electricity bill, up to 1130 for the gas bill, it increased by 15% compared to 2020. A blow that did not take in the shadow of the historical moment but, according to experts, is only the first of the crude price ramifications. material increase.

Indeed, Italian accounts seem destined to be affected for a long time to come. At least for another two quarters according to experts, even if rumors are that upstream prices may see increases in the coming months. here because of The government decided to implement a series of measures It aims to ease the burden of utilities on Italian families. In fact, a real bonus for lowering the cost of the bill, whether for electricity or gas.

A discount on your bill where you get a bonus for families

In fact, this is not new, because the bonus on the billing cost has already been active for a few years. However, the strengthening of this measure will be valid only until the end of the year. To access the so-called social rewards for economic hardship (and thus discount to the bill for the most difficult families) Expected income requirements must be taken into account. However, when granted, the facility will in fact include all domestic users, including users related to water consumption. Obviously, mere easing will be accompanied by more moderation in managing consumption during the day. Guidance is particularly valid today, with an increasingly fierce debate about the need to reduce energy waste.

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It was said of the income requirements. For the energy and gas bonus, an Isee index of less than 8265 euros, or 20,000 in the case of a family unit with at least 4 dependent children, must be presented. Moreover, citizenship income holders will be able to access the bonus (including those related to electricity and water), even if the ISEE exceeds the indicated limit. The facility application can be sent to the municipality of residence or through CAF, Always submit Isee . form. The INPS system will be to ascertain, by matching the data received with that of the supplies, that the applicant is entitled to a discount on the invoice. Which will be the prerogative of both users who have direct view systems and condominiums. For amounts, the gas bonus starts from 30 euros with a maximum of 245 for large families. Obvious help in times of price hikes.

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