A geomagnetic storm will hit Earth in two days

A geomagnetic storm will hit Earth in two days


Space Bulletin warns of violence

Coronal mass ejection of the sun

(CME) dating back to July 15th, released a stream of plasma that will hit Earth’s magnetic field by July 23rd. This will cause a

geomagnetic storm

on our planet. However, according to predictions, these will be less significant phenomena.

the reasons

The ejection of material from the corona — the outermost layer of the sun’s atmosphere — occurs when a magnetic field “rolls” beneath the sun’s surface, pulling in massive amounts of plasma and spewing it out into space at high speed. This “cannon”, which occurred on July 15, caused the generation of solar winds laden with particles approaching the Earth and would hit its atmosphere within two days.

Results –

The cloud of material ejected from the Sun can interfere with the Earth’s magnetosphere. Currently, many space weather monitoring and forecasting services (such as NOAA and Space Weather) have reported minor geomagnetic storms. However, phenomena of this kind may have unexpected and more serious consequences. For example, wireless interference, satellite damage, internet outages, or even power outages.

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