De Kitkeri, critical contact today. At 33 million it can be closed

De Kitkeri, critical contact today.  At 33 million it can be closed

Recent interactions with Bruges for De Ketelaere have not led to the desired results. Reguilon has also been discussed with Tottenham

De Kettleer, stop with Bruges
The Milan-Bruges axis suddenly cools. It turns out that the latest communication between the two clubs to agree on de Kettleri has been a gaping waters. The two companies held firm. Milan continues to offer 30 million plus two bonuses, and Brugge is asking for 35 plus 2. A gap that hasn’t narrowed by a cent in the past few hours. Communications will continue tomorrow and Sunday, but at home Milan Elliott’s approval is required to close it.

NDICKA, EINTRACHT DS Speaks: ‘We know about interest’
for kickerEintracht’s sporting director, Marcus Croce, spoke about the issue of the Rossoneri’s interest in midfielder Ivan Ndica: “”We know Milan’s interest. No performances yet.” Ndicka remains an alternative track to Tanganga’s.

Coach Brugge: “It’s not easy for de Ketelair”
Brugge coach Karl Hofkins also spoke about negotiating with Milan for Charles de Kitleri: “For me he is still part of the club and he is also available on Sunday. Experience. It is something special, let’s try to understand it better.”

Funken Sping de Catelare at AC Milan: ‘Ready for the big jump’
Midfielder and main man at Club Brugge, Hans Vanaken, spoke to about Milan’s interest in Charles de Kitleri: “We know that Milan want to do their best to own Charles. Here we don’t walk around waving the front pages of Italian newspapers, but between Now and then we talk to him a little bit in Italian. Charles is a super talent that has grown tremendously in the three years here. He has shown that he is ready to take the step.”

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Tanganga puts pressure on Tottenham: He wants AC Milan
Yafit Tanganga is pressing Tottenham to close the deal with Milan. The parties are negotiating and the hurdle to overcome is the formula: The Rossoneri want a onerous loan with the right to redeem, and Spurs are pressing for the commitment. Gazzetta dello Sport reported this.

Brugge: Maxi Gomez after de Catelare
Brugge is considering Maxi Gomez, the Uruguayan Valencia striker, as a possible replacement for Charles de Kitleri. reported.

CHUKWUEMEKA idea for the center
There is also Milan in the race for Karne Chukwuemica, the English midfielder at Aston Villa who will finish in 2023. The British estimate the player at €20 million. Sports report.

Also Reguilon in conversation with Paratici
Not only Tanganga and Sarr. Yesterday, in the match between Milan and Tottenham Di Fabio Barracci, the two teams also talked about left-back Sergio Reguilon who will act as a deputy for Hernandez. La Gazzetta dello Sport published this morning.

DS EINTRACHT: “N’DICKA-MILAN”? Let’s see what happens.”
“Nedica Milan? Let’s see what happens.” So was the director of Eintracht Frankfurt in Frankfurter Rundschau about the Rossoneri’s interest in the center born in 1999.

Sanchez towards Paris Saint-Germain
It seems that Renato Sanchez is one step away from PSG. The French club had decided to speed up in favor of the Portuguese, thus burning Milan’s competition.

Also from Tottenham, from Sarah’s hypothetical
Tanganga was not only talked about in the Milan-Tottenham DS Fabio Paratici match. In fact, Spurs would also have offered midfielder Bab Matar Sarr, after a year at Metz, and the Rossoneri would be interested in the loan.

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Meet Paratici for Tanganga
Milan met with Tottenham manager Fabio Barracci. On the table is the name of defender Japhet Tanganga, who can arrive on loan with the right of redemption.

Renato Pools summoned for internships in Spain
Renato Sanchez is also in the list of teams that have called up Lille coach Paulo Fonseca for the stage in Spain (21-30 July). The Portuguese midfielder will definitely leave the French club to play for Milan or Paris Saint-Germain.

Fratesi is also on the agenda for a meeting with rice
Not only the Tonali and Maldini cases: the second Tuttomercatoweb Davide Frattisi would also have discussed with Giuseppe Risso, given that negotiations between Roma and Sassuolo for the midfielder are currently on hold. Frattisi would be a potential replacement for Renato Sanchez, as Milan try to snatch him from Niroverde in a onerous loan format with a redemption obligation.

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