Xbox exclusive development update pisses fans off

A few weeks after confirmation Contempt postponed until 2022 Through a press release from the publisher, the Xbox exclusive development team has posted an update to all backers on Kickstarter which not everyone appreciates.

The long post, available to read even for those who did not fund the project on the popular crowdfunding platform, opens by explaining what Difficulties you’ve faced lately. According to the team’s words, lack of experience led to some important mistakes and Much of the game has been completely reprogrammed from 2018 onwards. However, it appears that, except for road accidents, Microsoft The other companies that are supporting the project have not put any pressure on and are letting the software house run quietly. It seems that the next day December 10, 2021 It will be officially announced on Postpone until 2022The news was not released directly by the team.

However, the inconvenience of users is the last part of the release, which according to some players rude and arrogant towards them:

“To end the discussion, a friendly tip: If the lack of connection bothers you, ask for a refund and put a stone on it. It’s just a game. You can always play it when you go out.”

At the moment, the developers have not responded to the controversy, but among the comments on the post on Kickstarter, there were many who were upset by these words.

Did you know this Scorn will be an Xbox Series X exclusive timeline and will run at 4K/60fps?

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