The author can’t say why it works –

The author can’t say why it works –

How does that happen Vampire survivors Was it successful? do not ask Luca Gallantin “Bunkel” art, andauthor From the game, because she does not know what to answer. In an interview with, he told us he was amazed at the response the game received and also called it “great” to be in the nomination for The Game Awards.

Development of Vampire Survivors began in 2020, while the final version will arrive in October 2022, a few months after the launch. early access. It has since received nearly 170,000 user reviews on Steam, most of them positive. how did he do Galante has no idea: “Since launch, I’ve tried not to look at the numbers or what was happening online so as not to get distracted. I kept my head down and continued working on the game and the company, focusing on player feedback on Discord and in the Steam forums. I’m sure of What made a difference were our Community Managers, who have done and continue to do an amazing job keeping communication with players open.”

Speaking of Vampire Survivors’ debut paid DLC, Legacy of the Moonspell, Gallant explained that as a gamer, he appreciates the idea of ​​new content coming out to the games he loves, but today many DLCs are designed more for monetization than providing a service to players: About the downloadable content, I’ve been hesitant about creating content, but at the same time I couldn’t keep adding things to Vampire Survivors for fun, and having a company to think of. I hope we can give it the right price for players and that they love it.”

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Another interesting topic is the lack of vampires in a game called Vampire Survivors. Will we ever see? “Our marketing team said we couldn’t answer that. The problem is, our attorneys said the same thing. Also, what is vampirism?” To solve it, just call Poppea Pecorina and clarify, or read our interview with Galante.

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