Ukraine’s Voice of Anti-War Scientists – Research and Institutions

Immediately prevent any military action to immediately put an end to a senseless war: Russian scientists demand it open letter which in a short time collected nearly 400 signatures, many also from journalists, and linked them to Science magazine on its website.

“The responsibility to start a new war in Europe lies entirely with Russia,” the letter said. “There is no logical justification for this war” and “Ukraine – she says – does not represent a threat to the security of our country.” It is an “unfair” and “meaningless” war with a nearby country: many of us have relatives, friends and colleagues who live in Ukraine. Our fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers fought together against Nazism.”

Convinced of the possibility of a peaceful solution to the problems, the signatories noted that with this war “Russia condemned itself to international isolation, in the position of a pariah state” and “we scholars will no longer be able to do our work normally: for the rest, conducting research cannot Imagine it without full cooperation with colleagues from other countries. ”

For this reason, scholars call for “the immediate cessation of all military operations directed against Ukraine” and “respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state. We demand peace for our country.”

Solidarity of European scientific academies

Solidarity with Ukraine and its scientific institutions on the part of the European Association of Academies of Sciences and Humanities (Alea), which said in a statement that it reacts with “shock and deep regret at the Russian military incursion into Ukraine”. Therefore, European academics ask “the Russian government to respect international agreements on the protection of civilians and cultural artifacts.”

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With “deep concern for the safety of our colleagues,” the Federation “recognizes the danger” posed by the current situation “for Ukrainian scientific institutions, academics and international research cooperation” and expresses “full solidarity and support” to the “National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.”

“We are also aware – continues the Federation of European Academies – that even members of the Russian scientific community who have spoken out against ongoing attacks can also be threatened” and in order to “protect academic freedom and independence of science and research, will monitor the situation closely and consider further action to support our Ukrainian Academy and its members” . For the Allies “The actions taken to sabotage the peace, stability and autonomy of Ukraine have no legitimacy. In these difficult times, we oppose the Russian government’s blatant attacks on a sovereign state, against democracy. And against innocents.”

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