Versiliana, “Sex from Science to Daily Life” • Nine from Florence

Versiliana, “Sex from Science to Daily Life” • Nine from Florence

Marina di Pietrasanta (Lo) – Sex from A to Z. From science to everyday life is the address of the meeting at the Caffè della Versiliana which will take place on Sunday 23 July at 18.30. guests Joseph Cruciani Journalist, commentator, radio and television host, and author of “Kobe”. Stories of Lust and Aggression ‘where he tells without prejudice, with irony and a lot of curiosity, the life of a married couple, bringing together the stories of young and mature couples, near or far, recounting their whims, their daily surprises, sex and love, transgressions and customs.

An unprecedented handbook against the wear and tear of the modern couple, which defies the arguments of even the most ardent skeptic. Together with him will be the guest Mr Nicholas MondiniProfessor of Urology at Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro, author of Wikipene. Maintenance, Prevention, and Cure’, in which he attempts to create a real user’s guide thanks to the many stories of patients visited during his twenty years of work.

Filled with examples and information of immediate use, easy, comprehensive and at times truly ridiculous, but above all never boring, this text becomes a real reference point to learn more, offer a solution to a doubt or offer simple reassurance in the face of concerns both small and large. He moderates the press discussion and correspondent for Mediaset Giorgio Sturlis Tosi. Incontri al Caffè takes place every afternoon in the ‘Spazio Caffè Romano Battaglia’ at 18.30.

Free admission. The full program is on the website

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