Do-it-yourself pads to get out of quarantine, the latest policy craze that thinks science

Do-it-yourself pads to get out of quarantine, the latest policy craze that thinks science

You’re writing the self-exam, reading the latest policy blunders that put their mouth on things that matter to medical science. From January 19, unless there are desirable last-minute reconsiderations, in Emilia-Romagna, a ‘do it yourself’ smear will be enough to confirm positivity and above all end the matter itself to come out of seclusion. Not for everyone, keep in mind, and even with any test available in the market, the region has set conditions, but the base material does not change. The alliance between citizens and public health referred to by the Regional Health Adviser, Raphael Donini, is pure and simple insanity. because? Soon it is said.

Anyone who has had a smear, for example in a pharmacy, and another at an ASL station, knows the difference well. The last time a worker specifically tasked with this task did this job, I cried for 20 minutes to see how deep it went. In order for the result to be really reliable, the operator must know how to do it correctly, he must “dig”, hence the tears in the rivers. Getting a tampon is not a pleasant thing. Saying that you can have the same level of reliability is nonsense, or at least a gamble. Feeling pain on your own is self-defeating.

In all this, then, the possibility of tracing a medical act, hitherto in the hands of a public official, no longer exists. In fact, no one will be able to guarantee that the negative result of that swab, loaded in the electronic file, actually corresponds to the positive head of the household, for example, he ended up in isolation, forced to stay at home and thus no longer able to work, earn , and carry money at home to do shopping and pay bills, as in the case of VAT numbers, for workers, day laborers, and small business owners who live only from what they collect from morning until evening.

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While people have been shown spending money on fake green lanes, showing up at the vaccination center with a fake silicone arm, and being given fake injections, in order to cheat rules and restrictions, loosening the control nets is the last thing to do. Without prejudice to good faith and all scientific technical measures approved by the Regional Council, the Health Adviser and the Head of the District, as of January 19 in Emilia-Romagna, we risk having a quantity of false negatives in circulation equivalent to 2.5 million people, i.e. all those who have completed the initial course of vaccination According to the calculations of the territory itself, and according to the provisions of the new invention established by the policy which, as we remember, has nothing to do with science.

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