A 95-year-old woman was run over by the police in Australia in a nursing home: It’s dangerous

A 95-year-old woman was run over by the police in Australia in a nursing home: It’s dangerous

woman 95 years old injured b Tasers from police He is in serious condition at the moment. It happened in Australiainside the Cooma Nursing Home in New South Wales, the police got involved because the woman had A knife That is why he was considered a threat.

Australia, 95-year-old woman critical after electrocution

According to Corriere della Sera, the accident occurred on Wednesday, May 17th.

The police arrived at the nursing home Come down yallambi After receiving a report of a woman armed with a knife.

A 95-year-old woman in Australia is in critical condition after being tasered by police

When the cops arrived at the Yallambee Lodge nursing home, Claire Noland – That was the name of the old woman, – she moved with her gait and waved a kitchen knife.

The agents and staff of the nursing home would try to calm her down, but the 95th would begin moving towards the policemen to force their intervention.

agent will get it hit twiceOne on the chest and one on the back. The woman fell and is now in the hospital in a very serious condition.

Anger and investigation

According to ANSA reports, an investigation has been opened in the caseinvestigation.

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Deputy Commissioner of Police Peter Cotter He told the BBC that the job of the police officer who tasered Claire Nowland was “under review”.

Meanwhile, public outrage over the incident is growing, with a choir unanimous against violence Used by the police against a woman with Senile dementia.

I also heard the BBC Andrew Thalera friend of the family, said: “His family indeed in mourning Because he is not expected to live. The family is shocked, confused and angry. How could this happen? How do you explain this level of power? This is ridiculous“.

How is the woman

According to the first rumors, the woman is now in the hospital in conditions very serious.

Andrew Thaler reports Claire Nowland reported A Skull fracture that it’bleeding in the brain.

Recently, there was talk of tasers in Italy as well, when a 19-year-old girl was robbed by two criminals with the weapon usually provided by the police.

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