Russo-Ukrainian War, Novaya Gazeta announces suspension of publications “until the end of the special military operation”

Russo-Ukrainian War, Novaya Gazeta announces suspension of publications “until the end of the special military operation”

Novaya Gazeta Back in the viewfinder of Russian censorship. This was the famous independent newspaper that hosted the articles of the dissident journalist Anna Politkovskaya announce it Posts will be suspended On paper and on the web “until the end of the special operation on the territory ofUkraine‘, a term that the federal media adhere to by law to define an ordered military invasion Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This is not the first time since February 24 that the Nobel Peace Prize newspaper has been published Dmitriy Muratov Contradicts the restrictions imposed by the system flies. Already on the occasion of the arrest of the journalist Marina Ovsianikova to display protest sign Against Putin and his decision to attack a country Volodymyr ZelenskyThe newspaper had come out with a veiled tweet criticizing the Kremlin, and publishing a picture of the “whitening” episode, but the message contained in the poster presented by the woman, then she was released from prison and He was sentenced to pay a fine. The stunt had the effect of highlighting Printing Restrictions imposed by Putin instead of publishing the news of the single episode.

On the fifth of March, in fact, alwaysthe Russian parliament approved a new one by a large majority The law of deception. not try reduce advertising In wartime, but alone will gagging opinions That goes against the line imposed by the system Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to supporters of the new text, this is aimed at curbing the spread of “wrong information On the next armed forces a crime punished by 15 years max Also use terms like “war” or “Invade”In favor of the formula imposed by the Kremlin, i.e. “Special military operationOn that occasion, not only Novaya Gazeta He deleted some of his articles on the ongoing conflict, but they are different international media They decided to suspend publications and guidance from Russian lands to ensure the safety of their employees.

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Today, then, is only the latest episode of an information crisis that has lasted for weeks now. On the newspaper’s website, editors Novaya Gazeta They indicated that they had received a new notification from Roskomnadzor, the state media monitoring agency, for the critical content of their articles. “Therefore – they add – we stop publishing the newspaper on the site, in networks and on paper until the end of the special operation on the territory of Ukraine.”

Novaya Gazeta Founded in 1993. Director, Dmitriy MuratovReceived the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize with the Filipino journalist, Maria Ressa. Muratov and the editorial team recently decided to auction off the award medal and allocate the proceeds to Ukrainian refugees. In recent years, the newspaper has published especially important investigations about Wagner mercenaries and the persecution of homosexuals in Chechnya. The newspaper was regularly the target of intimidation and assault. There are many journalists from Novaya Gazeta who have been killed since 2000 after their investigations, including Anastasia Baburova, Yuri Shechikochin, and, in fact, Anna PolitkovskayaShe is best known for her reporting on the Second Chechen War and her harsh criticism of Russian governments. The reporter was killed on October 7, 2006. Once awarded the Nobel Prize, Muratov noted that the prize was not for her: “The credit goes to Novaya Gazeta. Those who died defending the right to freedom of expression. Since I am no longer with us, the Nobel Committee clearly decided that I should say so. Credit goes to Igor Domnikov, Yuri Shchukshekhin, Anna Stepanovna Politkovskaya, Nastga Baburova, Natasha Estemirova and Stas Markelov. Here’s the truth. This is Nobel for them“.

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