In the case of the Pfas, according to the standards in force in the USA (and in Denmark), a portion of the water in Lombardy would not be considered potable

In the case of the Pfas, according to the standards in force in the USA (and in Denmark), a portion of the water in Lombardy would not be considered potable

while in Italyscene of the largest contamination from Pfas On the European continent, these substances are not currently even included among the parameters to be monitored for waters stomach for human consumption And politics do not deal with it, many countries have instead introduced how safety limit Human health values ​​are close to zero with respect to the presence of Pfas in drinking water. in Europe GermanyHolland, SwedenDenmark and Norway They asked to ban its use and production. Also because according to the data of the Nordic Council of MinistersThe health costs of inaction for all EU countries range from €52 to €84 billion annually. even in United State The issue is no longer underestimated, as evidenced by the management’s position on the matter Biden.

Limits introduced in other countries for drinking water – there Denmarkfor example, starting from the food safety data processed by EFSA In 2020, introduce a limit to the sum of four Pfas (Pfoa, Pfos, Pfna, and Pfhxs) equal to 2 nanograms per liter. In the United States, however, the US Environmental Protection Agency (Iba) recently had a cut-off value of 4 nanograms per liter, for both Pfoa and Pfos. In 2020, Europe has embraced Directive 2184 Which will also come into force in Italy in the next few years – he explains Green area Italy – which states a limit value for the total presence of 24 Pfas, equal to 100 nanograms per liter. a MeasuresEuropean, which does not take into account the latest standards EFSA“.

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Lombard heroes under other lenses – The map prepared by the NGO with data from the survey on the presence of Pfas in drinking water Lombard Allows you to check how many samples of drinking water do not meet the more conservative limit values ​​in effect or suggested in other countries such as Denmark or the United States: “By analyzing results From the samples sent, it was noted how a part of the Lombardy waters would be considered Not drinkable According to the new standards proposed in States united (13.1%) or Al-Saris Denmark (13.4%) Where the legislation is much stricter Italian Regarding the presence of Pfas in water for human use. Upon completion of the analysis, approx 75 Lombard Champion exceed the suggested limit commission European.

Proposal of five European countries to ban the use and production of Pfas – But the battle for the Pfas is also underway on other fronts. At the beginning FebruaryIn fact, five European countries (Denmark, GermanySweden and the Netherlands Norway) were presented toECHA ExtensionEuropean regulatory agency Chemicals produced and placed on the market, a proposal to revise the 2006 REACH regulation. Dossier that examines environmental risks and Health effects of these compounds and provides a comprehensive evaluation of efficacy, practicality, and observability of effects consequences It is proposed, as well as social and economic impacts. On March 22, six months from Public consultation required by the organizational process in which they differ the owners He can send comments. The proposal starts from the definition of Pfas defined byOrganization for Economic Co-operation and Development And more than 10,000 chemicals are indicated: “Not only Pfas – explains Greenpeace – also known persistentbioaccumulative and dangerous to health, but also polymers Resulting from it, the so-called fluoropolymerssuch as Ptfe”. Because if it was historically in Pfas in the form of polymers It was considered harmless due to its high molecular weight, which could not be exceeded biological barriers of cells, tissues, and organs, fluoropolymers still meet the criterion insistence That is why they are included in the proposal restriction.

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